Project showcases, interviews with filmmakers, and company news about the SIGMA CINE lens line.

Shooting a Shoe Commercial in Quarantine with the Sigma fp

SIGMA Cine Pro Graham Ehlers Sheldon talks about the process of shooting a shoe commercial within 20 feet of his door while under Stay at Home orders in California.

Sigma Resource Roundup 2019-2020

Check out our resource roundup from the past year.

The SIGMA fp as a Live Stream Web Camera

Learn how to turn the fp into your ultimate streaming camera.

MC-31 Tips and Highlights

Learn tips on how to use your MC-31 to the fullest.

Lens Comparison: SIGMA Classic Cine Primes vs SIGMA Cine Primes

Sigma Cine Pro, Timur Civan, tests all of the brand new Sigma Cine Classic Primes against the Cine Primes.

The SIGMA fp Camera as a Director’s Viewfinder

SIGMA Cine Pro, Graham Sheldon walks us through using the fp’s director viewfinder mode.

Seven Tips for Maintaining a Cam Op’s Most Valuable Asset

Those who work in production are conditioned to promote themselves as invincible in ordered to be a desirable pick for any crew. We scoff in the face of an eight hour work day, demanding a minimum of 12. We live…

SIGMA fp Footage: The Impact and Value of CinemaDNG in a Tiny Package

Blueline films explores Sigma fp 12-bit CinemaDNG footage grading in DaVinci Resolve.

Quick Guide to Rigging the SIGMA fp Camera for Cinema Users

Sigma Cine Pro Graham Sheldon demonstrates several rigging set-ups for the Sigma fp camera for Cinematographers.

Creating 1927 Mississippi with DP Charlie Cole

Director of Photography Charlie Cole, walks us through his experience working on a 1920s styled film.