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Rubidium Wu
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Rubidium is an Australian filmmaker currently living and working in Los Angeles. He has directed commercials for Sony Playstation and Nintendo as well as numerous music videos. His Crowdfunded web series ‘The Silent City’ gained over a million views online and was covered by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. His first feature film, “Brooklyn Tide” is available to Stream on Amazon Prime. He currently shares his filmmaking adventures on the youtube Channel, Crimson Engine.

Tips for Filming in the Snow

Filming in the snow can add a beautiful and intricate layer to your shot, however it also comes with a multitude of environmental difficulties

A Basic Guide to Diopters

Diopters are a powerful addition to any cinematographer’s arsenal; experienced or not. They’re often overlooked but have a unique way of expanding the capabilities of lenses you already own.

The Feel of Film with SIGMA Cine Classic Lenses

How SIGMA Classic Primes help to create the traditional “film” feel of cinema.

SIGMA fp L Camera: The Director’s Viewfinder

A quick guide as to how the SIGMA fp L can act as your ideal full-frame digital Director’s Viewfinder.

Mastering Natural Light Cinematography

Natural light cinematography carries its own variety of risks and rewards. You must work with or against the sun, a light source unlike any other, and techniques and experience you have developed in the safe confines of the studio must be relearned in an unforgiving and ever changing environment.

How to Rig and Balance a Gimbal

To put it bluntly, gimbals are amazing devices. With very little experience and relatively low cost, you can achieve smooth camera movement that would previously have taken a trained Steadicam operator with tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear.…

1st AC Tips: Professionalism on Set

1st AC protocols for using and handling lenses in a professional environment. Whether you’re new to set or want to brief new hires on 1st AC tips.

Cinematography: The Art of Long Lenses

Rubidium Wu explains how a cinematographer takes advantage of long lenses, such as compressing space and amplifying stunts.

Shooting Wide: The World in a Single Frame

Today we’ll look at how wide-angle lenses work, how they have evolved and how they can assist and enhance the craft of storytelling.

Rise of the Mini Cinema Camera

Mini Cameras have really become a new standard in the film industry, and it’s a trend that is only set to continue.