MC-31 Tips and Highlights

The Sigma MC-31 is a new mount converter which converts any L mount camera into a precise PL mount camera.  With two points of shim adjustments (ARRI PL Shim and Leica L shim) you can fine tune your camera flange to perfection. All with the precision and build quantity you have come to expect from a high-end cine camera. Both PL and L mounts are solid brass construction with an aluminum alloy body the MC-31 is built with excellent durability for sustained professional use.

Compatible with any PL mount lens mount tightness is easily adjustable so thin or loose PL mounts will never be an issue for the MC-31. All that is needed is a 1.5mm hex driver.

Included are a JCIS Philips driver 2x locking screws, a L Mount shim kit and a 2.5mm driver

To get started we’ll need a JCIS Philips, 2.5mm hex (both included), 2mm hex driver and 1.5mm hex driver.

With the tools to get started we will take you through some highlights and tips to get the most out of your MC-31.

To access the ARRI shim simply remove the 6 silver screws with a 2mm hex driver. You will need to either rotate the mount clockwise or counterclockwise to access all screws. Once removed simply remove the silver PL mount from the rest of the housing.

Note that the mount itself is pinned so it will only go back together the correct way.

Pictured with ARRI Alexa shim.

Pictured with cut shim from an Artus shim book.

The MC-31 was made to accommodate ARRI mount shim but cut shim from a shim book would also easy work if you do not have ARRI shim on hand. The ease of disassembly makes field adjustments possible.

Note: The MC-31 does not come with ARRI Alexa shim but it is available to purchase from ARRI. ARRI K4.72052.0 shim set for ALEXA (5 pcs) 

In order to access the shim under the rear L Mount you will remove these 4 silver screws.

The holes should only line up one way when reassembling the MC-31 but you can also mark it for reference.

Make note not to disturb the weather seal on the L mount. If it should come off it is very simple to slip back on

The MC-31 comes with an additional 4pcs L mount shim kit.

You will want to make note of the orientation of the shim before you make your adjustment.

In the event you encounter a lose fitting lens with a thinner PL lens mount you are able to simply loosen the stopper screw on the side will a 1.5mm hex driver.

This will allow for 30 degrees more rotation and will make the mount tighten even more.

The MC-31 also features a lens foot which allows the MC-31 to be attached to many other accessories like a camera cage, tripod or pistol grip.

Pictured the MC-31 on a SIGMA FP with pistol grip mounted in the support foot and LCD View Finder accessories (LVF-11)

Should the support foot not suit your setup it is easily removable with a 2.5mm hex driver.

The MC-31 can also be locked to the camera body of the Sigma FP and Panasonic LUMIX S1H with the included locking screws.

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