First Look: SIGMA 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG DN OS Sports Lens

The SIGMA 60-600mm DG DN OS | Sports lens is the world’s only 10x zoom for full-frame mirrorless cameras. SIGMA Ambassadors Jim Koepnick, Martina Abreu and Liam Doran put the lens to the test, photographing subjects both near and far to take advantage of the unique focal range, improved autofocus, and amazing optical stabilization.

The Outdoor Photographer’s Best Friend: SIGMA 60-600mm DG OS HSM Sports Lens

From birds to bugs, storm clouds to sunsets, the SIGMA 60-600mm DG OS HSM | Sports lens can capture it all! Join SIGMA Ambassador Martina Abreu on a weekend out with the this ultra-versatile telephoto zoom to see just how useful one lens can be.

Boulder Lake Photo Hike with Pro Photo Supply & Oregon Wild

Join Pro Photo Supply, Oregon Wild, and SIGMA for a photography outing to Boulder Lake, on the southeast flank of Mount Hood in the Mount Hood National Forest. This well-maintained half-mile trail through an old-growth forest takes you to the…

Nature Photography and Stewardship of the Environment

Do you want to take better images out in nature? Are you unsure where to start? Do you spend most of your time outdoors, photographing in the woods and deserts of Oregon? Itching to learn something new? Join Pro Photo…

Hunt’s Photo Experience: Photographing Birds of Prey

Hunt’s Photo Education is incredibly excited to be welcoming Julie Anne Collier and Jim Parks from Wingmasters, who will be displaying several Birds of Prey. Sponsored by SIGMA, this experience will leave you humbled by these graceful and beautiful Raptors,…

Photographing Tulip Town with Fujifilm & SIGMA

Join us for a morning of exploring the tulip fields at Tulip Town.Spring is here and flowers are starting to bloom all around us! During this in-person outing, capture the variety of tulips in bloom, either in close detail or…

1200mm Telephoto Reach with Autofocus is a Game Changer

With a 2x teleconverter, the SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports for L-Mount becomes a 300-1200mm hyper-telephoto zoom lens with full autofocus capabilities, providing extreme reach in a compact, economical package.

The Limitless Versatility of the SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS Sports Lens

Telephoto zoom lenses are great for capturing far-off subjects, but the incredibly versatile range of the SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports lens can capture things that are near, far, and everywhere in between. SIGMA Ambassador Martina Abreu shows how this extremely robust lens, designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras, is a truly powerful tool for photographers in nearly any situation.

First Look: SIGMA 20mm F2 DG DN Contemporary Lens

The SIGMA 20mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary is the widest lens in the all-metal I series, perfect for astrophotography, landscapes, everyday snapshots, street scenes, vlogging, and so much more.

First Look: SIGMA 90mm F2.8 DG DN Contemporary Lens

The SIGMA 90mm F2.8 DG DN Contemporary is the compact, portrait-length lens that won’t weigh you down, fits anywhere, and does it all with style! Pro photographer Heather Larkin takes this tiny I series lens for a test, shooting vivid portraits and capturing the vibrant colors of nature.