Thank You, Sigma Community!

Thank you, Sigma community! We appreciate your participating in our sweepstakes. Your words have, empowered, engaged and inspired us. We asked you to tell us more about you and your photography. We are overwhelmed by your responses! They were thoughtful, honest, insightful, and relevant. Most importantly, whether you felt we did something well or pointed out an area for improvement, you have a true understanding of what Sigma strives to deliver the photographic community.

This is what you told us:

You love photography. Of course, we already knew how dedicated you were to photography but we heard how it drives you and lives within you. “Taking pictures makes me happy no matter what kind I am taking.” And “Photography is my passion and I absolutely love it.” You are artists, professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts, mothers, fathers, students and amateurs. You experiment, take risks; you play it safe until something challenges you and then you push the limits, but at the end of it all, is capturing a tangible expression of what you see, what you want to express, what you want to preserve be it a memory, a moment in time, an emotion or a state of mind.

Your equipment is vitally important to you. You’re inspired by the products themselves; they can be what pushes to you take risks, extend your base of knowledge and experimentation and even your physical abilities; asking your body to do things it either hasn’t done in a while, or ever! Bravo!

You want to learn more about photographic technique from us. Some asked for instruction for hobbyists, for studio photography, lighting and more hands on opportunities to learn. We hear you and will work to share tips, guide you, and provide more instruction from the Sigma pros.

Sigma wide angle lenses have you hooked and you want more. Sigma pioneered the wide angle lens and we can promise that we will continue to push the envelope in this category. Some of you even shared that you preferred our wide angles to those of our competitors. That’s our secret… we won’t tell!

To SD camera users and fans of the Foveon sensor; we heard you, loud and clear, that you want a full frame DSLR with Foveon technology. We want that too. We’re excited to know that so many embrace the Foveon technology and appreciate and acknowledge the deep, rich colors that it brings to end result photos.

You understanding of the goal of the DP series cameras and you know that the process of perfecting it is just that, a process; but you’re on board with it; you get it. You see the big picture; high quality images in a compact camera and are traveling the road with us. Sure, you’d like to see further enhancements, but you’re there with us.

You would like to Sigma to: make more accessories, include features for HDR, panoramic shots, video and 3-D capabilities, more fast lenses, a mirror less Foveon camera with interchangeable lenses, better lens hood design and sturdier, sleeker camera styles. We’ll send these requests along.

Free Gifts! For those of you who want us to send Sigma products for your birthday or for no reason at all, just so that you can take extraordinary pictures, we are flattered and wish we could. Really, we do.

Music to our ears, “Keep making the affordable and high quality products that Sigma is known for.” John, we will do just that because that is the basis for everything we do. We will continue to deliver those affordable, high quality products to people of all ages and all skill, income and knowledge levels.

Thank you to all who have shared the thoughts and ideas. We are grateful! However…

Our appetites are large. We haven’t heard enough! Tell us more. There’s still time to enter the Empower, Engage and Inspire Sweepstakes until Monday, September 20th and win a DP1s or a DP2s. Tell us what you think, want, wish for. Sigma is here, open and most definitely, listening!!

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