Top Gun Maverick: SIGMA on Set

When Cinematographer Claudio Miranda ASC needed metadata with his PL mount lenses for Top Gun: Maverick, the SIGMA team of product designers and engineers got to work on implementing the /i Technology into all SIGMA PL mount CINE lenses.

“When Claudio [Miranda] was doing a lens test for Top Gun [Maverick] he reached out to SIGMA about the ability to get /i on the high speed primes. He loved the lenses and how they rendered, but he absolutely had to have /i for the production. SIGMA Corporation made a custom prototype set of lenses for him to use on Top Gun [Maverick]. Out of this experience, the PL/i mount was born.” – Brian Linhoff, SIGMA Tech Rep

At the time of the announcement for the PL/i lenses:

“Optimized for large-format camera systems and 8K shooting, the FF High Speed Prime Line lenses deliver stunning image quality with compact construction. A new addition to this prime lens lineup comes with electronic contacts that supports Cooke’s /i Technology communication protocol for Prime PL mount lenses.” – SIGMA Corporation

We had a chance to speak with Takuma Wakamatsu, a member of the product development team in Japan:

“The biggest challenge in lens development was to complete the mounting of the circuit board and software development in only two months. It was thought that the PL mount primes could not have a circuit board installed, but the mechanical engineers discovered how to mount it in a way never thought of before. In addition, the software engineers developed the Cooke /iTechnology software, which they had never experienced before. And completed it so that the primes were compatible with the Sony VENICE.” – Takuma Wakamatsu

He further explained that Top Gun: Maverick was the main reason for exploring the /i integration into the CINE PL primes, and the positive reaction of the PL/i lenses encouraged the team to develop the CINE line further including the recently-announced 65mm T1.5. He emphasized that exploring and keeping ideal partner relationships is one of the most important processes of product planning. By collaborating with other cinema brands, SIGMA expands the possibility of creativity that users desire.

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