Sigma at IBC 2019

IBC 2019 was held this year, in Amsterdam, from September 13th-17th. Sigma arrived ready to impress with a host of new products on display. Representatives from the global network were on hand to answer questions and assist attendees with hands on demonstrations of everything to arrive in the remainder of this year. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s show.

Classic Art Primes

Some of the most rumored about new products from Sigma are the FF Classic Art Primes. Designed as an homage to the golden age of filmmaking, the Classic Art Primes are Sigma’s newest line of lenses featuring non coated optical elements specially crafted to elicit a feeling of nostalgia.

The Classic Art Primes will be sold only as a set of 10 (14mm T3.2, 20mm T2.5, 24mm T2.5, 28mm T2.5, 35mm T2.5, 40mm T2.5, 50mm T2.5, 85mm T2.5 105mm T2.5, 135mm T3.2). Featuring the same tremendous resolving power of the comparable High Speed Prime Lenses, The “Classic’s” will also be manufactured with /i compatible PL mounts only.

Sigma Corporation of America released “Operator” in July to mark the initial announcement of the “Classic Primes”.The film’s DP, and Sigma Cine Pro Timur Civan, speaks about the making of this piece in a special behind-the-scenes video:

Pricing and availability details will be forthcoming.

/i High Speed Primes

Sigma announced that they would be updating their award-winning line of Full Frame Cine Lenses to include /i technology in their PL mount lenses; now under the name of Cine Art Primes

The “Art Primes” will feature Cooke’s /i technology, allowing Sigma’s full-frame prime lenses to transmit metadata to compatible cameras, with critical information such as: focus distance, focal length, and aperture settings.

The “Art Primes” were first used for the filming of “Top Gun: Maverick” with Cinematography by Claudio Miranda, ASC. “Maverick” is set to premiere in 2020.

Pricing and availability details will be forthcoming.


The most anticipated product from Sigma at IBC was by far the fp camera. Currently the world’s lightest and smallest full frame digital camera, the fp was displayed in a variety of different configurations; demonstrating the versatility of the product. 

You can read all about fp specifications here.

Sigma’s fp camera is set to deliver in Q4 of this year. Pricing and availability details will be forthcoming.


A variety of new products for the l-mount line were on display as well:

MC-31 is Sigma’s mount converter for PL mount lenses to be used on L-mount cameras. This ideal configuration will allow Sigma Cine Lenses to be used on the new fp camera.

20mm f1.4 DG/ 24mm f1.4 DG/ 135mm f1.4 were all announced for L-mount (and Sony E) and will begin shipment September 2019 thus expanding on the options for sony mirrorless camera, l-mount and fp shooters.

For more information on this, or any Sigma Product, contact us at or visit us (in the Los Angeles Area) at the Sigma Burbank Showroom.

IBC Show-floor photos credited to Sigma Tech Rep Brian Linhoff

One Year with Sigma Cine Pro, Timur Civan

2019 has brought many changes and new developments for the Sigma Corporation of America. Working with Cine Pro, Timur in the past year has been an exciting and collaborative time. What drew us to our partnership was not only his professional experience, but technical aptitude and fresh ideas of how best to work with Sigma. Timur has been a strong creative force within our team and we have enjoyed watching his vision come to life with Sigma! We are happy to have him join us as we look to 2020 with all that Sigma has to offer!

Working with Sigma Cine Lenses:

Our first meeting with Timur was after some test footage of the Cine primes. He pushed the lenses to their limit and was able to produce some truly spectacular images.

We quickly realized this was a relationship worth curating and once Timur had officially joined our team he got to work creating original pieces to demonstrate the capabilities of our products:

On one of his most recent projects, Timur filmed a graceful dancer juxtaposed against a vibrant horizon. He utilized the 40mm cine prime on an A7R2 in super 35 and full frame mode. With both modes he was able to turn the 40mm essentially into two lenses.

Supporting All Aspects of Sigma:

In February we were honored to have him join us at the ASC awards as we celebrated the art of Cinematography and 100 years of the ASC.

At NAB 2019, Timur spoke at our booth and lectured on some of his pro tips for commercial cinematography and we were able to see some of his recent work.

His presentation made it’s way to our blog and is a great read for those looking to up their game!

See the video below and click here to read the article.

Sigma Classic Art Primes

This past summer Timur was tasked with creating some of the earliest images with the new Sigma Classic Art Primes which took the internet by storm after their announcement in July. You can see his piece “Operator” below, and read about his experience and take on the lenses here.

In our second year with Timur we are looking forward to many more collaborations and opportunities to push boundaries and test the capabilities of the Sigma Cine lenses.

Make sure to follow Timur Civan to keep up with any future projects! You can check out his website at or follow his Instagram @timurcivan

“Operator” Short Film with the New Sigma Classics

Operator is a short film shot in Los Angeles, CA by Sigma America Cine Pro, Timur Civan, Directed by Bhavani Lee. A woman moves through an embellished house while she stoically waits to be connected.

The piece was shot with the SIGMA Classic Art Primes Prototype on the RED Monstro camera. D.P. Timur Civan described working with the lenses:

“They are designed to create a visually striking, sensual image. The same power the standard Cine Prime set had creating optical perfection, the Classic Art Primes have creating an enigmatic and boisterous image. A surprise awaits around every photon.”

More information regarding the Sigma Classics will be released this fall so stay tuned!

Slamdance DIY Days – The Thrill of a Festival in Our Backyard

Saturday, May 11th , still in the early morning, 200 eager filmmakers, notebooks in hand, filled the Sigma Burbank showroom for what promised to be a truly unique opportunity. An all-day intensive, “DIY Days” aimed to arm attendees with the tools needed to take their film making game to the next level. Each person, weather pro or novice, had the same goal:  to share knowledge, answer questions, network and collaborate.

Sigma partnered with Slamdance to produce this unique event exclusively for independent and up-and-coming filmmakers. Many hours were spent to ensure that each session was jam packed with added value. It was important that the event had something for everyone, even if it was just a flavor.

Slamdance Festival Director, Peter Baxter, had this to say about the event: The coming together of Sigma and Slamdance represents the best kind of partnership. Together, we set about to create a new education event for the Los Angeles DIY film making community that was practically based and inclusive. It worked. Hundreds came to Burbank on the day and embraced our environment, leaving with positive reviews and lasting impressions.

As the venue host, Sigma was front and center with the impressive global vision line of products serving as the venue décor. In the individual sessions, Sigma played a key role fitting seamlessly into camera and lighting demonstrations. Staff on hand were ready to answer product questions, give feedback to attendees and allow guests to sample what Sigma has to offer.

A cozy patio was set up to provide guests with refreshments throughout the day, and comfortable areas to meet and mingle. Michah Van Hove (No Film Schools) wrote: “This one-off event was very well put together by Sigma and Slamdance, offered a wide range of panels and workshops, and promoted an inclusive, positive and educational environment. Independent film making is hard enough and these kind of free resources are a welcome addition to the Los Angeles community.”

If you missed the event, make sure to follow Sigma on our social channels (Facebook) and (Instagram) to hear about these events as they come up. Also, feel free to visit our Burbank Showroom any time! We are located at 148 S. Victory Blvd. Burbank CA 91502 and would be happy to schedule a demo or tour any time between 10am and 4pm PST. For more information feel free to call: 213-699-0561 or email


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