One Year with Sigma Cine Pro, Timur Civan

2019 has brought many changes and new developments for the Sigma Corporation of America. Working with Cine Pro, Timur in the past year has been an exciting and collaborative time. What drew us to our partnership was not only his professional experience, but technical aptitude and fresh ideas of how best to work with Sigma. Timur has been a strong creative force within our team and we have enjoyed watching his vision come to life with Sigma! We are happy to have him join us as we look to 2020 with all that Sigma has to offer!

Working with Sigma Cine Lenses:

Our first meeting with Timur was after some test footage of the Cine primes. He pushed the lenses to their limit and was able to produce some truly spectacular images.

We quickly realized this was a relationship worth curating and once Timur had officially joined our team he got to work creating original pieces to demonstrate the capabilities of our products:

On one of his most recent projects, Timur filmed a graceful dancer juxtaposed against a vibrant horizon. He utilized the 40mm cine prime on an A7R2 in super 35 and full frame mode. With both modes he was able to turn the 40mm essentially into two lenses.

Supporting All Aspects of Sigma:

In February we were honored to have him join us at the ASC awards as we celebrated the art of Cinematography and 100 years of the ASC.

At NAB 2019, Timur spoke at our booth and lectured on some of his pro tips for commercial cinematography and we were able to see some of his recent work.

His presentation made it’s way to our blog and is a great read for those looking to up their game!

See the video below and click here to read the article.

Sigma Classic Art Primes

This past summer Timur was tasked with creating some of the earliest images with the new Sigma Classic Art Primes which took the internet by storm after their announcement in July. You can see his piece “Operator” below, and read about his experience and take on the lenses here.

In our second year with Timur we are looking forward to many more collaborations and opportunities to push boundaries and test the capabilities of the Sigma Cine lenses.

Make sure to follow Timur Civan to keep up with any future projects! You can check out his website at or follow his Instagram @timurcivan

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