Camera to Cloud On Location in Hawaii with SIGMA and Atomos

In this series of videos – also available on the SIGMA America YouTube channel – SIGMA Ambassador Graham Ehlers Sheldon discusses the gear, process and workflow benefits of Camera to Cloud technology (C2C), and how Atomos products such as the Ninja V monitor and Connect module work seamlessly with the SIGMA fp and fp L cameras.

Using C2C, Graham is able to record and send footage from the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai back to his colleagues in Los Angeles, allowing for more efficient collaboration, from shooting location to edit bay.

Understanding Camera to Cloud with the SIGMA fp and Atomos Ninja V + Connect

What’s In My Camera to Cloud Kit?

SIGMA Ambassador Graham Ehlers Sheldon discusses what goes into his basic Camera to Cloud shooting kit, including the SIGMA fp camera, SIGMA Cine lenses, Atomos Ninja monitor and recorder, and the Atomos Connect module for transmitting footage to the cloud wirelessly.

Why Use Camera to Cloud Technology?

SIGMA Ambassador Graham Ehlers Sheldon goes over the advantages of a Camera to Cloud production workflow. Of course, by beaming footage straight from the field, you can get a jump on post-production, but there are other benefits to incorporating C2C into virtually any on-location production. Because of the easy compatibility between the SIGMA fp camera and Atomos’ Ninja monitor + Connect module, this technology is easier and more accessible than ever to filmmakers on the go.

Connect Faster with Camera to Cloud

Direct from Kauai’s most famous lookout point, SIGMA Ambassador Graham Ehlers Sheldon checks in with his colleagues in Burbank, California, and uploads footage from his remote location for the team to review and even begin some aspects of post-production. The power of Camera to Cloud – accomplished here with the SIGMA fp, Atomos Ninja and Atomos Connect – offers filmmakers like Graham the ability to collaborate with people from practically anywhere.

Get started with the gear you need!

If you’re ready to give Camera to Cloud a go, the smallest, most compact full-frame kit you can get starts with the SIGMA fp or SIGMA fp L camera. These are the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera bodies, and they’re fully compatible with the Atomos Ninja monitor + Atomos Connect module for easy access to the cloud.

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