SIGMA University Student Q&A – Audrey Biche, American Film Institute

Audrey Biche, a student at the American Film Institute, entered the SIGMA 60th Anniversary scholarship contest in late 2021, winning the “Inspiration” category for still photography.

In this interview with SIGMA America, Audrey discusses her journey from France to the US, what led her to apply for a photography scholarship contest, her experiences as a cinematography student at AFI, and how she has been able to grow both technically and as an artist.

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One thought on “SIGMA University Student Q&A – Audrey Biche, American Film Institute”

  1. Very nice that Sigma can give students a little extra to help students in their quest.
    This student of cinema seems to have that quest to search out or to be a little different. Thinks about “seeing” the light along with just creating the light .

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