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Introducing Keikotsu, SIGMA’s Halloween Temp

As most photographers know, working freelance is never easy. Building a brand so that your work speaks for itself takes consistency and dedication. Yet even still, there are those who struggle to reach the level of full-time freelancer. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people; after years and years of trying to make it big, I met my untimely end without achieving the goals I set out to reach. Fortunately, I’m also restless (literally) and was lucky enough to be offered a second chance to make it in the photography business. This is my story.

Back to the Ol’ Grind

Not too long ago, I got back to the freelance life, handling media for numerous fall-focused folk in the tri-state area. I’ll admit, I was initially worried about transitioning back into the photography sphere. After all, three years in the ground and a dozen more working the graveyard shift at a haunted house would make anyone feel like they’re going nowhere. But around Halloween, photographers like me have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles — figuratively speaking, obviously — so I thought I’d give it one more try.

As you can imagine, opportunities were a bit limited. Work was great when the holiday season rolled around, but making ends meet throughout the remainder of the year was tough. My saving grace as a photographer was SIGMA’s excellent Contemporary line of lenses.

If you love photography but have a tight budget, give SIGMA’s Contemporary lenses a try, and keep the artist in you alive.

Keikotsu, SIGMA America Marketing Temp

I’m a barebones photographer who likes to get the highest-quality images I can directly out of my camera. As such, the DC DN lenses for FUJIFILM X Mount — 16mm, 30mm, and 56mm F1.4 — was the perfect solution; affordability without sacrificing quality. And the bright F1.4 aperture made all my haunted house shooting a breeze!

But as I got further entrenched in the freelance grind, my life flashed before my eyes… again! I just wasn’t sure I could handle a second lifetime of self-employment. It was time for a change.

To be honest, this business put me through the wringer over the years. But I knew in my gut (or lack thereof) that things would be different with SIGMA, the lens manufacturer that really put the life back into my photography.

Keeping the Passion Alive

I always believed my heart was in media. Now, who knows, I haven’t seen that thing in years. But I was prepared to stay in media even if my heart wasn’t in it. All I needed was a fresh angle, a new purpose, for something bigger than myself. When SIGMA brought me on to focus on their marketing content, it was like discovering photography for the first time all over again. And this time, I had a catalog of great lenses to make my shooting easier than ever!

SIGMA gave me another chance to not only explore my passion, but revitalize it into something bigger than it ever was before. The SIGMA DC DN lenses were just what I needed to get back on track doing what I love most – capturing the spirit of autumn. And who knows… maybe they’ll keep me around for other holiday campaigns. I think Valentine’s Day could use a skeleton’s touch!

If you love photography but have a tight budget, give SIGMA’s Contemporary lenses a try, and keep the artist in you alive.

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  1. Troy Phillips says:

    I just got through editing a backyard festival shot with some the ff Sigma Contemporary lenses and love the results. Thinking about it it was just the Sigma 65mm i series lens on the Sony a7siii. This lens is becoming my “Normal” lens like most folks 50mm . It just feels like a very natural normal fov. But so often so does the Sigma Art 40 and 28. I’m shooting some fall Senior pictures using those lenses on a Nikon dslr .
    After going to shooting mostly with the Sony mirrorless going back to the dslr . I love that beautiful Nikon/Sigma look I now love the much higher focus hit rate of the mirrorless eye autofocus.
    I want to go back to Nikon for most of my Photography and Videography and get into their new Z system. Because Sigma isn’t making and of the Nikon Z lens mount lenses I’m staying with Sony mirrorless for the moment.
    Please Sigma start making Nikon Z mount lenses soon !!!

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