SIGMA Shot At Home Contest

Sigma Shot at Home: Week 2 Winners

Check out the winners below, and we hope they encourage you to submit your work for the #SigmaShotAtHome competition which runs through June 26, 2020. Winners are picked every week so don’t miss your chance!

Week 2 – Shot at Home Still Photography

Winner: Marcel Lecours

Title: Self Portrait of a Quarantined Dad

Story: Like most everyone else, my family has been quarantined in our home for over a month. While it’s been nice to spend quality time with my kids, they are young (4 year old twins) and the 24/7 attention they require is starting to get to my wife and I. This is a self-portrait I took that shows what a typical day in quarantine is like for so many these days.

Week 2 – Shot at Home Cine

Winner: Justin Aguirre

Title: Zen Moment

Story: A moment of zen to remind ourselves to take a step back and relax despite what’s going on around us.

This competition has ended. CLICK HERE to see all winners and honorable mentions.

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