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Sigma Shot at Home: Winners Showcase

When this competition started, we at Sigma were hoping to bring a bit of inspiration into the world of photographers and cinematographers in such a dark time. We soon realized how much joy these artists were bringing to us as you all submitted such phenomenal work. We want to thank everyone who participated in this competition and who inspired us to keep creating. Check out all of the winners below as well as the honorable mentions who received votes during the judging process.

#sigmashotathome is our humble attempt to bring inspiration and creativity to a difficult situation and to remind creators, regardless of stylistic choices, field or gear preferences, that we are in this together.

Mark Amir-Hamzeh, President, Sigma Corporation of America

We asked creators to submit a photograph or under 60 second video that expresses their personal depictions of life during this unique time in our collective experience. Regardless of gear preference or skill level, we encouraged all to apply. Weekly and monthly winners were chosen with an ultimate grand prize winner taking home the Sigma fp + 45mm F2.8 DG DN bundle!

Ultimate Prize Winners

Prize: Sigma fp + 45mm F2.8 DG DN

Self Portrait of a Quarantined Dad (@mannyshevitz)

Winning the Sigma #shotathome contest grand prize has been a truly amazing experience. As a professional creative, I often suffer from Imposter Syndrome, so it really boosts my self confidence to know that my photo was selected as the winner from so many amazing entries.

Marcel Lecours
Mano a Mano (@kyrovictory)

I’m incredibly grateful and honored to be Sigma’s Shot At Home Grand Prize Winner. I’m honestly inspired by the fellow filmmakers who have continued to create during these trying but hopeful times. They’ve made me hungry for chocolate twists and cupcakes. They’ve made me wonder whether to draw facial hair on my utensils and whether I have the zen-like patience to watch a cactus bloom. They’ve made me want to rewatch Friday the 13th and Back to the Future. During these uncertain times, they’ve given me sunlight and made me want to learn how to skateboard. 

Marshall Victory

Monthly Grand Prize Winners: Photography

Prize: $1000 gift card

Like most everyone else, My family has been quarantined in our home for over a month. This is a self portrait I took which shows what a typical day in quarantine is like for so many these days.

Marcel Lecours (@mannyshevitz)

Monthly Grand Prize Winners: Cinematography

Prize: $1000 gift card

Alone Together (@taylorchaulk)
Influenced (@lukeknezevic)
Mano a Mano (@kyrovictory)

Weekly Winners: Photography

Prize: $500 gift card

Although it hasn’t been ideallic, and the struggle has been truly palpable for the kids, our experience is one of rich family time we would’ve never had, usually living states away, and a gratitude for it that I didn’t expect.

Ashlee Glen (@glen_craft)

Weekly Winners: Cinematography

Prize: $500 gift card

This film is a poetic analogy that follows me through the process of baking bread. It conveys the feelings of uncertainty and loneliness that some are facing during these challenging times. It shows that although we may be alone, these feelings are common and we have each other to lift us up.

Taylor Chaulk (@taylorchaulk)
Pep Talk (@adeltufo)
Working From Home (@thesammallory)
Mano a Mano (@kyrovictory)

Zen Moment (@justins_lens)
Helios (@dominic_lopez)
Influenced (@lukeknezevic)

Cactus Bloom (@roger2505)
Alone Together (@taylorchaulk)
Warning Frame (@spencewalkerphotography)
For Her (@flower.taro)
Not so Far Apart (
Moostache (@leviames)

Honorable Mentions: Cinematography

Honorable Mention: Photography

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