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About B&H

With nearly half a million items in stock for photographers, musicians, and creative professionals, B&H has earned its household name. They carry both the newest and greatest tech but also hard to find electronic collectibles. They have a strict focus on helping customers over making sales; their expert team is there to make sure you find precisely what you’re looking for and need. Customers can walk-in knowing that B&H carries what they’re looking for with a New York superstore that spans over 70,000 square feet. 

B&H and Customer Support

B&H is not only a retailer but also a source for product demos, in house experts, and educational discounts. They don’t just hire sales associates but instead train all employees as in-house specialists, so you go in confident with any technical questions. With a store that expands 11 football fields, B&H holds as many as 10,000 demo products. If you need an in-depth tutorial, then you can make an appointment with the “tech corner” for a more personalized experience. If you’re a teacher or student looking to expand your knowledge, then you can head over to B&H EDU Advantage. There you can find a collection of available experts as well as significant discounts on all the tools you need to exceed. 

B&H with NAB Express

Recently, B&H has been the official retail partner of this year’s NAB Express. An online NAB experience with content curated and customized for the global media and entertainment community. B&H is helping NAB Express to provide industry-leading technology partners to update you on the latest gear and trends for workflows and solutions. They will also be unveiling exclusive access to deals and promotions.

Click Here to check out the Sigma page on NAB Express

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