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About Band Pro

For the past 35 years, Band Pro has been one of the best one stop shops for cinematographers, videographers and professional filmmakers. Their wide range of equipment and accessories spans across all needs from audio, batteries, cable, lighting, lenses, filters, monitors, tripods and more. Band Pro also supplies technical and warranty repairs with their on-site engineers. However, they set themselves apart by not only supporting filmmakers but by being filmmakers themselves.  Band Pro was built on knowing how production tools perform and helping their clients navigate what tools will work best for them. When a Tai Chi master came  into town, Band Pro jumped at the opportunity to make him the subject of a short film and to shoot with the Sigma Cine Prime lenses. 

Artist Profile: Adam Mizner

Sifu Adam Mizner (founder of Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International) discusses and demonstrates T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

Testing Sigma Lenses on Set

The main goal for shooting with Sigma lenses was to see the color transmission, resolution and, most importantly, just how it is to use them in a real shoot. They also needed to see how well the Sigma Cine Prime lenses can match with other brands. 

“We wanted to see what could be accomplished with these Sigma lenses especially at the wider and longer end of the focal length, and to play around with them at T1.5-T2.”

The camera package for this film consisted of the Sigma Cine Prime lenses, Angenieux EZ zooms, and the Sony FS7II. The Sigmas were able to blend seamlessly together even with the significant price difference between the Sigma Cine Primes and Angenieux EZ zooms. 

“Once the subject matter was determined, Sigma primes made sense.  We knew we had plenty of architecture, people and colors, and also we wanted a long lens to isolate people against the horizon in kind of a 2D shot”

Band Pro knew that to truly understand the Sigma Cine lenses they needed to highlight their strength as well as thoroughly stress test them. They felt shooting at the beautiful Korean Friendship Bell would be the perfect backdrop for this test.

“We wanted to get all the detail on the carvings, and also just shoot wild style handheld and go hunting for focus, doc style.”

Now that it’s all said and done, the film completed, edited, and distributed. What does Band Pro have to say as their final thoughts on using the Sigma Cine Prime lenses:

“A great option for a budget-minded, crystal clear modern look prime lens set.”

Check out Band Pro

If you’re curious about the film or want to learn more details about the equipment used in the film, look no further than Band Pro in Burbank, CA. If you can’t stop by in person, they offer phone calls, video calls, and direct loans. Band Pro can even set up a time with the filmmaker of Artist Profile: Adam Mizner to share his hands-on knowledge from using the products on a shoot and taking the whole thing all the way through post. 

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