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The Sigma Ambassadors are a collection of talented, up-and-coming photographers who utilize Sigma gear in their respective artistic pursuits. The Ambassadors operate in a variety of arenas of photography and film including astrophotography, portraiture, concert photography, commercial filmmaking and more – a testament to just how comprehensive the ever-growing line-up of Sigma products is.

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Abandon Visuals is a full production house that specializes in creating innovative film, TV, and commercial content. We explore new opportunities and concepts that create lasting content for years to come. Through progressive cinematography with feature film-like story telling, we are capable of producing just about anything you can imagine.

Their Favorite Lens:

My favorite Sigma Cine lens is the Sigma 18-35mm T2 Cine. The images that it produces are incredibly sharp and have very nice characteristics. I love that there is nearly zero distortion on the edges and at either ends of the focal range. It is really just a do it all lens and saves time on set as we don’t have to swap between an 18mm, 24mm, or a 35mm as it’s all in one incredibly fast lens.

© 2017 Adam Elmakias


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Adam Elmakias is a worldwide music photographer. He travels with the band and photographs them on and off stage. Originally from Wisconsin Adam spent most of his teenage years going to concerts and taking photos from the crowd. Through a mix of networking and what some would argue is borderline harassment he eventually wiggled himself on tour with a few bands. Fast forward 10 years he has spent more time on the road than in his living room. His accolades are numerous and work can be seen sprinkled across print and digital media of all sorts, myspace defaults, music magazines, and of course my mother’s Facebook page.

Adam’s Favorite Lens:

Sigma 20mm 1.4 -Wide open. Wide Angle. Just the right amount of distortion. Really lets me separate my subjects from the surroundings.

© 2017 Jack Fusco


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Jack’s Favorite Lens:

Sigma 14mm F1.8 Art. It didn’t take long for this lens to be the favorite in my bag. There’s just nothing quite like an ultra wide image of the Milky Way over a dramatic landscape. The fast aperture guarantees I’ll pick up extra detail at 14mm that simply is impossible to do in the same way with any other lens available.

© 2017 Alice Gao


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Alice Gao is a New York based travel and style photographer. She narrates her travels around the world and New York through the the lens of fashion and design. No matter the subject, she strives to create photos that are soulful, considered, and elegant. Her blog, Lingered Upon, showcases snippets of these travels and life in NY with a contemporary aesthetic.

Alice’s Favorite Lens: 

I would say my favorite Sigma lens is the 35mm f1.4 Art for Canon. It’s a perfect walk around lens for me when I travel and I like that it’s not too heavy or large to sling around all day (I also love the Sigma 85mm but need a wrist, neck, and shoulder massage after using it all day!). It’s also tack sharp, and I’m a total pixel peeper when it comes to my work.

© 2017 Sam Hurd


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Starting as a political news and celebrity portrait photographer in DC, Sam was instantly drawn to wedding photography as a space to promote more inventive ideas. Sam’s focus is on photographic techniques that are deceptively simple, but have potential to transform difficult or uninspiring shooting environments into one of a kind opportunities for every photo made.

Sam’s Favorite Lens:

My favorite sigma lens is the 24mm f/1.4. The colors are supreme, bokeh rendering is pleasing, and fantastically sharp – even at f/1.4, which is my preferred aperture for most everything. However, it does have a nice trick at f/16. When shooting into direct sunlight the lens creates a wonderful sunstar effect unlike any other 24mm lens for the Nikon f mount. It’s an other worldly look that I can’t get enough of!

© 2017 Meg Loeks


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Meg lives in rural West Michigan with her husband and three little boys. She loves spending time outdoors whenever possible. She bounces between lifestyle, fine art and environmental portraiture and is drawn to low light and color. Her go to lens outdoors is the Sigma Art 85mm. Outside of photography she enjoys snowboarding, camping, hiking, gardening and baking.

Meg’s Favorite Lens:

The Sigma Art 85mm is incredibly fast and sharp. I’m able to capture beautiful bokeh and compression all while photographing my children at a safe distance that let’s them be themselves.

© 2017 Darren White


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Born and raised on the Oregon Coast where his love for beautiful landscapes began. Darren White is a nationally recognized artist who has been published in various magazines like Popular Photography, Columbia Gorge Magazine and had a mention in National Geographic Traveler. Darren is best known for his Fine Art Photographic Pints. He also works with interior designers, home furnishing companies, and magazines in the USA, Canada and Germany.

Darren’s Favorite Lens:

For my general landscape work – hands down the Sigma 24-105 Art Lens.

This lens stays on my camera 95% of the time.. It’s a very versatile lens. Wide enough for landscapes and has a decent zoom. It’s razor sharp, makes beautiful prints and if I need to shoot a little wider I simply take 2 or 3 photos to stitch together.

It’s not too heavy and easily a lens you can walk around with all day without getting tired.

Also learn more about our Sigma Pro photographers!

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