Meet the Sigma Ambassadors!

Sigma Ambassadors

The Sigma Ambassadors are a collection of talented, up-and-coming photographers who utilize Sigma gear in their respective artistic pursuits. The Ambassadors operate in a variety of arenas of photography and film including astrophotography, portraiture, concert photography and more – a testament to just how comprehensive the ever-growing line-up of Sigma products is.


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FacebookAdam Elmakias Photography

Adam Elmakias is a worldwide music photographer. He travels with the band and photographs them on and off stage. Originally from Wisconsin Adam spent most of his teenage years going to concerts and taking photos from the crowd. Through a mix of networking and what some would argue is borderline harassment, he eventually wiggled himself on tour with a few bands. Fast forward 10 years, he has spent more time on the road than in his living room. His accolades are numerous and work can be seen sprinkled across print and digital media of all sorts, myspace defaults, music magazines, and of course my mother’s Facebook page.

Adam’s Favorite Lens:
Sigma 20mm 1.4 – Wide open. Wide Angle. Just the right amount of distortion. Really lets me separate my subjects from the surroundings.

© 2018 Adam Elmakias


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FacebookJack Fusco Photography

As a touring musician, my photography started as a way to purely document my travels throughout the United States and Europe. Since moving on from the touring life, photography has become my main form of creative expression. Too often we pass by natural beauty or fail to appreciate the things we are surrounded by every day. Through my photography I hope to communicate a sense of wonder and inspire adventure.

In recent times my work has focused on the landscape-astrophotography field. This style of photography takes many notes from both astronomy and traditional landscape photography and then combines the two. Hours are spent planning shots out days, weeks and sometimes even months in advance to make sure all of the elements align properly. Being able to capture the sense of wonder and vastness that we can feel while staring out in a star filled sky is a feeling unmatched. Photography is my escape; it’s my peace in an otherwise hectic place. I hope that viewers find the same beauty and serenity in viewing my images as I find making them.

Jack’s Favorite Lens:

Sigma 14mm F1.8 Art. It didn’t take long for this lens to be the favorite in my bag. There’s just nothing quite like an ultra wide image of the Milky Way over a dramatic landscape. The fast aperture guarantees I’ll pick up extra detail at 14mm that simply is impossible to do in the same way with any other lens available.

© 2018 Jack Fusco


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FacebookMeg Loeks Photography

Meg lives in rural West Michigan with her husband and three little boys. She loves spending time outdoors whenever possible. She bounces between lifestyle, fine art and environmental portraiture and is drawn to low light and color. Her go to lens outdoors is the Sigma Art 85mm. Outside of photography she enjoys snowboarding, camping, hiking, gardening and baking.

Meg’s Favorite Lens: The Sigma Art 85mm is incredibly fast and sharp. I’m able to capture beautiful bokeh and compression all while photographing my children at a safe distance that let’s them be themselves.

© 2018 Meg Loeks


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FacebookDarren White Photography

Born and raised on the Oregon Coast where his love for beautiful landscapes began. Darren White is a nationally recognized artist who has been published in various magazines like Popular Photography, Columbia Gorge Magazine and had a mention in National Geographic Traveler. Darren is best known for his Fine Art Photographic Pints. He also works with interior designers, home furnishing companies, and magazines in the USA, Canada and Germany.

Darren’s Favorite Lens: For my general landscape work – hands down the Sigma 24-105 Art Lens. This lens stays on my camera 95% of the time.. It’s a very versatile lens. Wide enough for landscapes and has a decent zoom. It’s razor sharp, makes beautiful prints and if I need to shoot a little wider I simply take 2 or 3 photos to stitch together. It’s not too heavy and easily a lens you can walk around with all day without getting tired.

© 2018 Darren White


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The first time Benjamin took a camera in the ocean that was it – he fell in love. His newfound calling had become clear: capture the stories of the ocean and the people surrounding it. Splitting his time between the islands of Hawai’i and O’ahu, Benjamin never finds himself too far from a body of water. Being the son and brother to engineers, Benjamin learned to appreciate the value of critical thinking and persistence. He attended the University of California of San Diego, graduating with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, before taking his craft back to the waters of Hawai’i.

Ben’s Favorite Lens: The Sigma 40mm 1.4 Art lens has been a favorite in my quiver. It’s outstanding image quality is matched with a perfect focal length to shoot people and ocean landscapes.

© 2018 Benjamin Ono


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I’ve specialized in wedding photography for 12 years. Only recently did I find a new love for empowering women to do the same thing. I now have  a new balance of education, workshops, and creating stunning images for others. I’ve traveled all over the nation teaching and snapping photos, and sometimes I take my husband and two kids with me on this crazy adventure. I have a BS degree in photography, featured in Bride Magazine, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, featured on the cover of Utah Valley Bride six times, and now I’m a Sigma Ambassador!

McKenzie’s Favorite Lens: The Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens is my favorite lens to use AND to force upon every student I teach. It’s price point and quality make this lens a no brainer for beginning students, business owners, or Instagram influencers. If I could only bring one lens to Disneyland… the 35mm 1.4 would be IT! And that’s saying a lot! 

© 2018 Mckenzie Deakins


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Instagram: @humminglion

Henry is a San Francisco based travel, portrait, and lifestyle photographer. From navigating insane rush hour traffic in Hanoi via motorbike to watching Caribbean baby turtles hatch under the full moon, Henry loves to capture the moment with his lens and convey the emotion of the moment to the viewer.

Henry’s Favorite Lens: My most used and absolute favorite lens is the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art. It’s the perfect focal length for my type of photography and you can’t top how sharp and fast it is! I never leave home without it.

© 2018 Henry Wu


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Instagram: @tobishinobi
Twitter: @TobiShinobi

Tobi ‘Tobi Shinobi’ Shonibare is an award winning international photographer and videographer currently based between London and Chicago and best known for his work on social media where he is verified and has accumulated a combined following in excess of 160,000 followers. He has a high focus on detail, perspective, geometry and symmetry. While he specialises in finding beauty in the often gritty urban landscapes and has a distinct appreciation for stunning architecture, he also shoots high profile live events, product photography and video.

His desire to push creative boundaries and appreciation for fashion has lead to collaborations with many world renowned brands which include Audi, Coach, LG and Microsoft . Tobi’s reputation caught the attention of a number of organisations leading him to become a Sony Global Ambassador and to be headhunted to be Senior Content Creator for Havas Worldwide, an award-winning, fully integrated global advertising company, specializing in marketing, design, digital, corporate communications. Tobi provides strategy and and a combination of video and photo content for brands. Tobi’s work for Moen recently won an Audience Choice award for Best Images.  Tobi starred in the award winning documentary short, ‘I Take Photos’ and has given talks for Sony and for Apple.

Tobi’s Favorite Lens: The Sigma 14mm f1.8 is one of my favorite lenses of all time. Nothing else exists like this lens. Shooting architecture with this lens is a dream especially in low light, extremely sharp and it holds a special place in my heart because it helped me take some of my favorite photos of all time.

© 2018 Tobi Shinobi

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    This is not so much a comment but rather a question, how does one become a Sigma ambassador? What are the specific or non-specific criteria? What does one do as a Sigma ambassador? I want to become an ambassador and would appreciate the opportunity to try and become one to further my career as an aspiring photographer.

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