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The Sigma Pros are a group of 10 skilled professional photographers that use Sigma lenses exclusively for their daily work.  They encompass a wide variety of disciplines, from portraits to wildlife, weddings to glamour, and sports to macro photography. These photographers contribute regularly to our Sigma blog as well as providing a wide variety of images for Sigma marketing purposes. They are available for lectures and workshops for professional and amateur photo groups, and frequently appear as Sigma spokespersons at trade shows and conventions.

© 2017 Steve Chesler


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In addition to being a wedding photographer, Steve Chesler is highly sought after to photograph high school seniors and sports in Western New York’s Finger Lakes Region. Steve’s work has brought him national acclaim and he is now being sponsored by international companies in the photographic industry to travel the country, speaking to other professional photography organizations.

Steve’s Favorite Lens: 

My absolute favorite lens in the Sigma line up would have to be the 120-300mm f2.8 Sports lens. It’s incredibly sharp, fast and it’s zoom is amazingly versatile when shooting fast moving sports that frequently change distance. For low light sports such as ice hockey or night games under the lights, there is no better lens. That being said, if I change the question around a little bit and was asked if I could only have one lens for the rest of my life which would it be, my answer would definitely to be the 24-105 mm f4 Art lens. It’s the most well rounded lens in my arsenal and covers just about every situation. As a portrait photographer it’s by far the most used lens I own.

© 2017 Liam Doran


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Liam Doran is an outdoor sports and adventure travel photographer based in Colorado. Liam’s work covers all aspects of outdoor mountain life including skiing, biking, trail running, fly-fishing as well as travel and lifestyle. His images appear regularly in commercial advertising and in today’s top magazine including Powder, Outside, Ski, Skiing, Trail Runner, Mountain Magazine and more.

Liam’s Favorite Lens: 

What is my favorite Sigma lens?  Well that is a very hard question to answer and I think my answer would change monthly, weekly or even daily. But as of today my answer is the Sigma 12-24 F4 A lens. Many might think I love it for shooting landscapes, and I do, but i actually shoot it more for action. Currently I am on assignment in Portillo Chile shooting skiing and I love the unique angle of view it gives me. I can get some great story telling shots with the lens and it’s perfect for giving viewers a “sense of place”. I shoot it on both full frame and crop sensor camera

© 2017 David FitzSimmons


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Twitter: @CCritters

David FitzSimmons is a photographer and writer whose works have appeared in Shutterbug, Popular Photography & Imaging, and Ohio regional publications. His landscape images have appeared on postcards and a variety of calendars, including many by industry-leader, BrownTrout. As owner of FitzSimmons Photography, David oversees a full-service commercial design studio and is the eye behind the studio’s fine art portraiture and wedding photography.

David’s Favorite Lens

The Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS Macro HSM is a superb lens for all kinds of macro, from flowers and fungi to many of my Curious Critters white-background shots. This prime optic is sharp throughout its range, quick-focusing, and nicely compact for a 1:1 macro. Add to that excellent optical stabilization. For these reasons—and the many amazing subjects this great glass has allowed to capture—the Sigma 105mm macro is my favorite lens.

© 2017 Judy Host


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Instagram: @hostmama
Facebook: Judy Host Photography
Twitter: @JudyHost

Judy Host is recognized internationally as an accomplished portrait photographer with studios located in both Northern California and Atlanta, Georgia. A gifted professional with a unique talent for capturing the innocence and trust that lies within the heart of every individual has earned her the respect and recognition of her colleagues for more then a decade. Judy teaches a series of workshops on the “Art of Available Light” and “Behind the Image – Shooting for Design.”

Judy’s Favorite Lens:

I can’t live without my 24-105mm 4.0 lens. Absolutely my favorite lens ever. I don’t often travel to a location where I can only take one lens, but should it happen, hands down it would be the 24-105mm. Sharp as a tack, fast and smooth transition in the zoom, this lens covers all my needs for perspective. Wide angle at 24mm and long at 105mm and then everything else in between. The 4.0 aperture is constant throughout the zoom making it a very versatile lens.

© 2017 Roman Kurywczak


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Instagram: @roaminwithromanphoto
Facebook: Roman Kurywczak

Born and raised in New Jersey, Roman Kurywczak is an extremely accomplished nature photographer. He has won numerous awards, but he considers his photography tour company called Roamin’ with Roman, his greatest achievement. He says that the satisfaction he gets from teaching on his instructional tours remains one of his most memorable photographic achievements and drives him to this day.

Roman’s Favorite Lens:

I have owned the Sigma 300-800mm lens for over 12 years now and it still remains my favorite lens! With its unrivaled zoom range and extreme focal length, it allowed me to capture wildlife images that I never thought possible.  From the migration of the wildebeest in Africa to small shorebirds closer to home the 500mm’s of zoom versatility allow me to compose and recompose quickly while the maximum f      ocal length allows me to capture the intimate behavior and interaction of my subjects without intruding.  This lens is the ultimate choice for wildlife photography.

© 2017 Jim Koepnick


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Instagram: @jim_koepnick
Facebook: Jim Koepnick

Jim Koepnick is one of the leading aviation photographers today, photographing for Cirrus Aircraft, Flying Magazine, Plane and Pilot, Air and Space Smithsonian, AOPA and EAA. He also shoots for the USA Today Network – Wisconsin in the Oshkosh area, specializing in sports and action. Previously, Jim was Chief Photographer at the Experimental Aviation Association for 28 years.

Jim’s Favorite Lens:

The new Sigma 100-400mm Contemporary lens has become my favorite lens. It’s replaces my 70-200mm lens that I have always used for telephoto zoom. I love the added reach in such a small package.

© 2017 Andy Marcus


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Facebook: Fred Marcus Studio
Twitter: @andymarcus

Andy Marcus’ resume boasts over 40 years in the business of wedding photography. Concurrently, he has steadily built up his studio’s reputation as the go-to photography studio in New York, and their glimmering reputation extends overseas. As the president of Fred Marcus Studio, he’s established a clientele of the most prominent families and business leaders in the country.

Andy’s Favorite Lens:

I happen to love the 24-105mm Sigma lens –  I use it most of the time once my portraits are done (which I shoot with the 70-200mm Sigma).  I like the sharpness, focus speed and crispness of the images I take.  The 24-105mm range is just perfect for both candid and dance photographs at weddings.

© 2017 Robert O’Toole


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Instagram: @robert_otoole
Facebook: Robert O’Toole

A full time professional photographer specializing in wildlife and nature, Robert O’Toole has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. As an accomplished instructor, Robert leads photography workshop tours across the US and internationally. He also hosts postproduction image optimization workshops and has written tutorial CDs featuring new image enhancement techniques.

Robert’s Favorite Lens:

The 120-300 sports lens goes with me all over the world in my pursuit of wildlife images, from Africa to Japan to Alaska. It has the perfect combination of super quick and responsive AF, with a fast maximum aperture that gives me the ability to use action stopping shutter speeds, even in low-light. The lens gives me awesome sharpness in a hand-holdable package with good reach, especially with a crop sensor camera that gives me the equivalent of a supremely sharp and quick 180-450mm f/2.8! There is nothing else like it on the market today, its a one-of-a-kind and my favorite Sigma lens.

© 2017 Jen Rozenbaum


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Instagram: @jenrozenbaum
Facebook: Jen Rozenbaum
Twitter: @JenRozenbaum

Jen Rozenbaum embraces her femininity while allowing women to embrace their own. By daring her clients to shed their clothes, they begin to shed their inhibitions. In just five years, Jen has found a burgeoning audience in the intimate photography market. This is the reason for her success and attention from organizations such as AOL, Good Morning America and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Jen’s Favorite Lens:

The 50mm F1.4 Art lens is my absolute favorite lens. Technically speaking, it’s a great choice for me since I often shoot in small spaces like hotel rooms and my studio. The sharpness are reliability are unmatched. Emotionally speaking, the 50mm art allows me to be close in proximity to my clients which allows for better communication and building of trust, especially with intimate portraits.

© 2017 Jim Schmelzer


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Instagram: @jamesschmelzerworkshops
Facebook: James Schmelzer

Known for his consistently outstanding style of portrait and wedding photography, James Schmelzer is an internationally known Master Craftsmen Photographer, lecturer and owner of Elite Photographic Studio located in Shelby Twp., Michigan. Besides owning and running his own studio, James conducts workshops, speaks at seminars & demonstrates lighting techniques at tradeshows all around the world.

James’ Favorite Lens: 

Being a portrait/fashion photographer and choosing the right lens for me is determined by what type of job and the final look i am going for.  I need to think about how much depth of field, and how much image compression i need and how far away from the subject I will be.   In the past the difference between a portrait photographer and a fashion photographer was depth of field, portrait photographers shot at f5.6-f8 And fashion photographers shot everything wide open.   For example, shooting fashion catalogs we always used wide open apertures to isolate the subject from the background in order to make the clothing stand out . The new Sigma prime art series lenses allow very shallow depth of field for that fashion look.

My all time favorite lens is the 85mm 1.4 ART  because it has the perfect balance of working distance to the subject, compression of backgrounds,  and very shallow depth of field.  But it also has a minimum focus of under 3 feet for close ups of faces, so now i can give my high school seniors that fashion look!

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