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Behind the Scenes of Andrew Studer’s Epic Eclipse Shot Using the SIGMA 150-600mm Contemporary

Andrew Studer is the 21-year-old photographer behind one of the most incredible eclipse shots we’ve seen. For as long as he can remember, Andrew’s passions lied within the arts and the outdoors and his professional work allows him to combine the two on a daily basis. Through his most recent eclipse project, Andrew collaborated with Columbia Sportswear to capture an eclipse shot like no other.

How It Happened:

“I wanted to do something unique; a lot of the shots I’ve seen are really similar. Even though photographing eclipses isn’t something that I’m really too interested in, working with Columbia Sportswear was the perfect opportunity to do something different.”

His vision involved capturing the eclipse in totality with a climber intersecting it. After finding a person to climb and and an iconic place to photograph, Andrew planned out the logistics of the shot. He headed out to Monkey Face (a famous landmark in Smith Rock State Park) the day before the eclipse, to measure out where the sun was going to be, and the intersection point for the climber. He also locked in where and how he wanted the climber to stand the day before the shot.

The day of the eclipse, the planning, arranging, and shooting, took about 12 hours. Though a lot of the staging had already been planned, Andrew had to be adaptable in order to ensure that the photo came out the best it could be. Actually seeing the climber in the frame as well as the shape of the mountain, altered the logistics but maintained his overall vision.

Andrew claims he is really satisfied with the outcome of the photos he took. “The feedback since I’ve published the photo has been super cool. A bunch have liked it and it’s awesome to be able to capture a photo that a lot of people have seen and enjoyed.”

Relationship with Sigma

Andrew was introduced to the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary lens by his friend CJ Kale and immediately fell in love with it. CJ and Andrew were photographing volcanoes in Hawaii and though Andrew just borrowed the lens temporarily from CJ, some of his favorite shots taken were using it.

“A little while after the trip to Hawaii I was interested in getting involved with wildlife photography and I knew that the SIGMA 150-600mm lens would be a perfect option.” He is also impressed with the affordability of this lens even given the range it has.

Andrew used the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary for this shoot. He said “There usually isn’t that much sharpness at longer focal lengths, yet there is with this SIGMA lens.” He also loved the idea of using a telephoto lens in order to “make what was there stronger.” Making the climber, mountain, and eclipse large in the frame was key to creating his vision.

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