Andrei Duman
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Andrei Duman is an award winning commercial and fine art photographer from Los Angeles. Andrei is always on the lookout for his next challenge, be it a new technique, a new way of capturing a subject or using new technology to produce a different look and style. He can often be found experimenting in his studio trying to create customized creative solutions that will be useful on future projects and shoots. He is obsessed with the concept of producing unique visions that capture the true essence of the subject in front of him. His clients include Nike, Aston Martin, McLaren Automotive, Richard Mille and National Geographic to name a few. Andrei has also accumulated over 150 hours of flight time in small planes and helicopters, across multiple countries and continents. With sometimes months of planning the locations and flight paths, it is in the air where he feels most comfortable, with the conditions and subjects constantly changing in form and texture. His extensive experience in this challenging environment allows him to be really creative with his subjects, angles and abstract perspectives.

Photographing Los Angeles from the Air with the SIGMA fp

Award-winning photographer Andrei Duman took to the skies for an aerial photography shoot over Los Angeles, along with some very compact companions — the SIGMA fp and a selection of compact prime I series lenses!