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The Limitless Versatility of the SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS Sports Lens

Recently, I challenged myself with only using one lens — the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS | Sports — on all my shoots. The goal of this project was not only to give myself a fun challenge, but also to demonstrate the incredible versatility of this lens, and as you’ll see, it did not disappoint!

My work encompasses many different areas, many different environments, and ever-changing light conditions. The 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports did remarkably well in ALL areas and did not let me down.

This amazing lens has easily become a new favorite. The lens is so versatile that I can capture all areas of photography. From macro to landscapes, portraits and wildlife, the 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports can be a go-to lens on all shoots! I have been truly astounded by its capabilities in capturing my mind’s eye.

All images shot with the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS | Sports lens on a Sony A7R IV camera body.

Backyard Birding & Wildlife

Long-range capability is a MUST for bird and other wildlife photography. Due to the nature of wild animals, it is difficult to sneak up on them, so a long range is very important. You never want to spook a wild animal or cause it unnecessary stress, especially while they are foraging or eating. The range of the SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports allows you to bring the wildlife to you, without disrupting their activity.

The autofocus performance is stellar. I was excited not only by how quick it locks onto my subject, but also the tracking of a moving subject within the frame. This feature is my absolute favorite, when photographing small, swiftly moving wildlife. The AF does superbly on small birds who are constantly moving and rarely stand still. The AF locks onto them and tracks their movements within the frame to easily shoot off a series of frames that are sharp.

Many of the animals I photograph are small, which means they are usually fast moving. Because of this, a tripod is not always feasible and handholding is more practical. The weight of this lens is very manageable, compared to other lenses in the range. Hiking around with it or holding a position for a long time (while watching birds through the lens) is incredibly easy, no arm fatigue issues at all!

With its wonderful Optical Stabilizer system, I know that slight camera shake will not be an issue! Overall, the AF locking, tracking and OS is the best I have ever used. To say I am very pleased with the AF/OS capabilities of this lens would be an understatement. It is a game changer in my wildlife photography.

Landscape & Nature

Landscape photography, you got it! The SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports has no issue beautifully framing and capturing some of the gorgeous locations I visit. This saves me time, where I would have to change my lens to get a landscape shot. Not with this lens! The compression it gives a landscape image is by far one of the best when compared to other telephotos within its range. Quick and easy focusing even on trees and horizons at quite a distance puts me at ease knowing the images will be sharp and beautiful.

When photographing landscapes, a tripod is always a good idea. The attached tripod mount is fantastic! Not only does it assure you a stable lock, but the collar also rotates which makes different positions very easy to achieve, all while securely mounted on a tripod.

The weather sealing of this lens makes me stress a lot less when I am out in the field. Snow, rain, fog… nothing is going to penetrate it and I can rest easy knowing that I will not hurt my lens in these weather conditions. That means the weather is no excuse not to get out and shoot! In fact, photographing in inclement weather does have its advantages, and you can often capture beautiful images you might otherwise miss due to worrying about your gear handling the conditions. With the SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports, I can be out in the field, rain or shine, cold or warm, and this lens can handle it all!

Macro & Still Life

Macro anyone? With a telephoto? YES! The 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports makes capturing macro photographs a breeze at around the 180mm range with a minimum focus distance of less than 23 inches! I wanted to push past the typical applications of a telephoto zoom lens, so what better way than to shoot macro images?

I set up a makeshift studio indoors (one cold wintery day) and photographed a feather. The details and image capabilities for macro left me speechless. Insanely sharp and beautiful macro shots were easily achieved, even in low-light conditions.

I decided to keep the momentum of my little indoor shoot going and gathered up some household items and shot a few “still life” images. Again, so excited to see what this lens allowed me to capture. I used only indirect overcast light from a window and a small light bar to light my subjects. The 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports had no issue locking onto my still subjects, even in the low light.

Often when I am out in the field, I come upon beautiful plant life, which just screams for a macro image. There is NO need to change your lens and chance missing a sudden wildlife opportunity! You can easily achieve your nature macro shot with this lens.

Even Portraits!

Portrait sessions with this telephoto, yes! The beautiful compression (and beautiful bokeh) the SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports allows is magical. It gives my portraits that pop and sharpness I see in my mind’s eye. And can I just talk about the eye AF lock?! It finds the subject’s face and locks onto the eyes, so you can rest at ease knowing your eyes are tack sharp and your background has a beautiful bokeh! This lens is 100% compatible with this feature, and it tracked my subject’s eye with no difficulty at all.

All in all, the 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports is truly wonderful lens for portraits. Plus, if you are on a shoot and come upon some wildlife, you are covered! No fumbling around to change that lens hoping the wildlife stays put. You already have it on the camera for your portrait session, so boom… you captured that wildlife image too! A bonus for sure!

I am so impressed with this lens and I know you will be too!

Why? If you enjoy capturing all different types of photography, but do not want to carry a ton of lenses with you into the field, the SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports is the lens for you! Its lightweight, weather-sealed design, plus the quick focusing and tracking capability make it a dream to work with. Also, its close and long range focusing capabilities makes it an amazing tool to capture everything you come across, whether it be landscapes, wildlife, macro or even portraits.

The SIGMA 150-600mm DG DN OS | Sports is all-encompassing, ultra-versatile lens that will allow you to capture those winning shots, time and time again!

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  1. Ron B says:

    Can we use the Contemporary lens the same way for all of your examples or is the Sport specifically needed?

  2. Oleg says:

    Very interesting story! Excellent lens !

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