SIGMA Shot At Home Contest

Sigma Shot at Home – Week 9 Winners

Check out the winners below, and we hope they encourage you to submit your work for the #SigmaShotAtHome competition which runs through June 26, 2020. Winners are picked every week so don’t miss your chance!

Week 9 – Shot at Home Still Photography

Winner: Mark Teng

Title: Shopping for Essentials

Story: My son loves to go shopping for groceries but as a parent, I am naturally concerned for his well being during these times. I found a local craftsman who made a face shield especially for him so that he could accompany me on a special grocery trip just for him – he picked out all his favorites until the cart was completely full!

Week 9 – Shot at Home Cine

Winner: Taylor Chaulk

Title: Alone Together

Story: This film is a poetic analogy that follows me through the process of baking bread. It conveys the feelings of uncertainty and loneliness that some are facing during these challenging times. It shows that although we may be alone, these feelings are common and we have each other to lift us up.

This competition has ended. CLICK HERE to see all winners and honorable mentions.

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