Video: Shooting Graduation Photos at Home with the SIGMA Tech Reps

If you want to shoot your own graduation photos at home (or if you’re the designated neighborhood photographer), there’s more to taking memorable graduation pictures than just snapping some quick shots on the front lawn.

In this video, the SIGMA Tech Rep team offers a number of helpful hints to help you capture great shots of your grad from home, from lens choice to lighting!

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Video: Shooting Graduation Portraits of Kids at Home

Whether it’s preschool, elementary or otherwise, graduation time can be a bit hectic, and formal graduation portraits of kids are often forgotten in the process, leaving us with on-location snapshots or low-resolution phone pics that rarely end up being “frameworthy.” And when graduation ceremonies don’t even happen (hello 2020), well, that makes it even harder to commemorate the occasion.

Thankfully, with a little time, patience and some basic equipment, you can shoot your own graduation photos (or traditional school pictures) at home. In this video, Nick from Sigma shows you how to take great portraits of your kids on their special day!

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