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Mojave Desert 2016: Trains in the Desert Captured with Sigma Lenses

Desert Light. Geography has a profound impact on the eyes perception of daylight. Areas with large volumes of water (while necessary for life), causes variables that reflect, soften, and at worst completely obscure the essence of daylight. To limit those variables this photographer chooses the Mojave Desert in south-eastern California to maximize an entire day’s lighting aesthetics.



Creative Fisheye Imagery with the Sigma 15mm 2.8 Lens: Tips and Tricks

I discovered the Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye lens a few years ago when I was teaching a class […]



Al Satterwhite’s aRound New York at LA Leica Gallery

If you are in the Los Angeles area this month, be sure to check out Al Satterwhite’s aRound New York exhibition at the Leica Gallery/Los Angeles for his unique circular perspective on the Big Apple made through the Sigma 8mm Fisheye lens!



A Night at the Very Large Array

As a Sigma Pro team member I had the privilege of being invited to give lectures and workshops at the 2014 Festival of Cranes out at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. I have visited the refuge many times before, and, while I was excited about being able to photograph the birds again, I was most excited about my two nighttime lectures and workshops at the Very Large Array (VLA). These giant radio telescopes would make a great foreground subject for a star filled sky. Nobody has been allowed on the property at night since 2009, so I was very excited about taking a group out to the location. Sigma Photo would sponsor the event, and I agreed with the organizers of the festival to take out 40 participants each night. With a group that size, I knew I wouldn’t get much of a chance to take pictures myself, but it would be a great learning opportunity for the class. The image at top is one of the few I was able to take during a break in the instruction.



Lens Explorations: 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye Lens

Sometimes a camera wants to see differently. That happens to me I get inspired to go wide… really wide. I’m talking fisheye wide. That’s when I put away the other primes and zooms and pickup the ultra compact, wide and fast Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens. The lens covers a full frame format camera providing a 180º angle of view. That’s half a circle!



Somewhat Secret Superpowers of Camera lenses

The greatest thing about interchangeable camera lenses is the variety of optical designs, from ultrawide to supertelephoto and everything in between, that offer an incredible amount of variety for visual expression, creativity, and optical performance optimized for different photographic situations. And while it may be sometimes completely and totally obvious what types of photography a certain lens excels at—for example, everyone knows that Macros are designed to capture close-up details; telephoto lenses are great for long-reach wildlife and sports from the sidelines—many styles of camera lenses have lesser-known secret superpowers that can be called upon to make a photo. Let’s take a look!



The Holiday 2013 Sigma Lens Size Comparison Graphic

In case you were ever wondering how many of our smallest lens equal one of our biggest lenses, and how our lenses size up to a cardinal or a 16 oz cup of coffee, we present the Holiday Season 2013 Sigma Lens Comparison Chart! Here’s our entire lens lineup, to scale.



Prime Time: Focus on Fixed Focal Length Lenses

Prime lenses are designed for exceptional imaging at a single focal length. Unlike zoom lenses that easily span a given focal range and variable field of view with a twist of the zoom ring, the field of view and focal length remains constant. If you want to take in less of the surroundings with a given prime lens, you’ve got to physically move closer, and to take in more of the scene, you’ve got to back up. But of course, as you move, the angle of view remains the same all the while.



Fan Photo of the Week: Tim Drivas’ All the Little People

This week’s Fan Photo of the Week was made by Tim Drivas with the Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG HSM Fisheye lens on a Canon 5D Mark II.



Fall Foliage with Sigma’s 15mm F2.8 Diagonal Fisheye Lens

Fall is my favorite time of year to take photographs, and I always push myself to get out and make the most of the brief window of brilliant color. I have spent the last week chasing fall foliage in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. This year, after taking the obvious shots of deep oranges and reds, I used my Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens to capture the forest from a different perspective.