Event Recap: Blackmagic Collective – Comedy

What happens when a group of comedy filmmakers walks into a Sigma showroom? They have a riveting and educational evening, of course! If you think you can write a better punchline, then you should have been here this past Saturday, June 22nd at Sigma Burbank for The Blackmagic Collective comedy night. Comedic creators gathered in the Sigma Showroom to learn comedy production advice from Director Shilpi Roy, Writer Lindsey Stoddart, Actor Brittney Bertier and Director David F. Sandberg.

The evening kicked off with a brief intro to The SHIFT Creative Fund: a grant program designed to support up-and-coming independent filmmakers by bringing their creative visions to life. Next, the Collective emphasized how once those shorts were finished, they could be sent over to the BMC film fest for their monthly film competition. With the introductions completed, director and producer Steven Calcote, introduced our first panel of the night “Pulling off Funny.”

We were proud to host three women blazing their way through the comedy scene: Shilpi Roy of Hipsterhood, Lindsey Stoddart of Salem Rogers and, Brittney Bertier of transpLAnts. They spoke of their inspirations for discovering comedic moments as well as distribution advice. One of the most accessible options is to pull from reality or “finding the awkward moments in life.” When in doubt, they said, “play a dumber more ridiculous version of yourself.” They also spoke highly of free distribution platforms such as Youtube and social media, primarily for experimental ideas. They explained how web series is for taking risks and manifesting stories never before seen in other formats.

Next, we were joined by David F. Sandberg, director of Shazam! and Lights Out. David spoke about his rise from making films with his friends, working on animated shorts, releasing the viral short Lights Out, and his latest move to Shazam!. In his talk, he expressed the necessity of communication and flexibility. “You have to be able to communicate your vision to everyone on your team,” a skill he quickly learned since transitioning from a two-person crew with his wife Lotta Losten to a full production team at New Line Cinema. While pre-planning is essential to any production, he touted flexibility and rolling with the punches. Sometimes the best work comes out of last-minute obstacles or changes.

Of course, the best way to learn is to attend these events so make sure to follow Sigma Cine on Facebook and Instagram and check our website to hear about these events as they come up. However, you can always visit us or demo our lenses at Sigma Burbank 148 S. Victory Blvd, 10am – 5pm Mon – Fri. For more information feel free to call: 213-699-0561 or email us!

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