Chasing Light with Cardinal Camera

Sigma photographer and tech rep, Marc Farb will help you get the best shot possible in this webinar.

Optic Online Digital Edition with B&H

Join Sigma and technical specialist, Marc Farb, at B&H’s OPTIC online edition for a presentation of wildlife, landscape and travel photography.

Birds of a Different Feather with Kemore Camera

Join us for a tour of the ground and skies as it relates to aviation photography.

Introduction to Photographing Kids’ Sports

Capture the action!
About this Event
Join Bedford Camera and Sigma Tech Rep Marc Farb for a talk about the basics of shooting kid’s sports!

Aviation Photography in the Air and On the Ground

In this live stream, Jim Koepnick will share a few tips on how you can get better aviation photos.

Texas School Quarantine Edition

Get ready for 36 hours of Texas School education and a dose of mayhem and madness with the Texas School Quarantine Edition. It all takes place April 27-30 via Zoom Webinars and Zoom Meetings.

CNPA Annual Meeting 2020

Come to the annual CNPA meeting and see a fabulous lineup of speakers who are sure to Educate, Inspire, and Entertain with the breadth and depth of their photographic knowledge and experience. See Sigma’s fast glass for nature photoraphy.

Tips on Shooting The Moon Using Telephoto Lenses

Long lenses and celestial event planning apps are both needed to make amazing photos of the moon aligned with architectural features. Learn how to plan your next big moon shoot!

SIGMA 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports Lens for Air Show Photography

SIGMA Ambassador Jim Koepnick is no stranger to air shows, and the lens that’s always by his side is the SIGMA 60-600mm DG OS HSM | Sports

Visiting Roadside Birding Hotspots with the Sigma 60-600mm Sports lens

Jack Howard visits Jersey Shore birding hotspots with the Sigma 60-600mm Sports lens.