The Best SIGMA Lenses for Astrophotography

Looking for a great astrophotography lens? SIGMA Ambassador Jack Fusco knows a thing or two about astro, and offers his expert opinion on a wide range of SIGMA gear ideal for capturing stunning night sky images.

Beyond Trick-or-Treating: How To Create Unique Halloween Photos

Creating fun, memorable Halloween photos can be challenging, especially when kids are in a rush to go trick-or-treating. But with a little patience, some flexibility, and the right gear, it can be done. Learn tricks of the trade from SIGMA Ambassador Meg Loeks for a truly unforgettable spooky season!

Isn’t Life Grand? Including Grandparents for More Memorable Family Portraits

Including grandparents in family photos is often overlooked, but with a bit of additional care, bringing generations of family members together can make group portraits extra special.

Creating Magical Memories with Special Subjects

See how photographer Heather Larkin has made magic throughout the years, helping special young ladies finally feel like a princess.

Falling in Love with the SIGMA 105mm F1.4 DG HSM Art Lens

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3 Must-Have Lenses for Engagement Photography

Learn about three frequently-used SIGMA prime lenses for engagement sessions and the reasons why they tell a great story.

Pixel Photo Fest 2020

Pixel Photo Fest will be virtual this year offering the same great sessions you signed up for with the same great speakers.

Chasing Light Webinar with Milford Photo

Join photographer and Sigma rech rep, Marc Farb for a lesson on going beyond the kit lens and picking the next lens to make more impactful images.

Facebook LIVE with Sigma’s Jared Ivy & The Camera Shop

Join us Thursday, June 25th, at 5 PM EST for a special Facebook LIVE broadcast with Sigma rep, Jared Ivy and The Camera Shop’s Justin Stubleski!

Focus Camera Instagram Takeover: A Day in the Life of a Photographer Mom with Meg Loeks

Check out Focus Camera’s IG for a takeover with Sigma Ambassador, Meg Loeks. See some of Meg’s beautiful images of her children and home life, and get the inside scoop on how she created them.