Jeremy & Anabel’s Music Photography Masterclass

Join SIGMA Ambassador Anabel DFlux and professional photographer Jeremy Saffer for a unique 4-day seminar and workshop in Massachusetts. Both Anabel and Jeremy have similarities and differences in their ways of doing business, lighting, posing, and photographing subjects. In this masterclass you will get to learn from two industry leading photographers everything that you need to know before capturing special guest bands and models during the workshop.

Duality: The Business of Photography

March 21

Anabel and Jeremy will cover the best ways to turn photography from a part time hobby into a career, and what crucial steps you should take to get there. You’ll learn how to turn your work into artist-approved physical art that you can sell, how to properly market yourself and your work, both physically and online. Additionally, they will be going over photography etiquette, how to create multiple revenue streams, and making sure you are fully protected from anything that could cause you harm.

Rock Photography: Photographing the Cycle – Part 1

March 22

Anabel and Jeremy will be focusing on capturing the album cover, getting the perfect, iconic piece of art that sells the album, merch and beyond. You will also learn to shoot band photos for the album and various matching social media content needed to connect the band to their fans, and their fans to your art.

Rock Photography: Photographing the Cycle – Part 2

March 23

Join SIGMA Ambassador, Anabel DFlux, and Jeremy Saffer as they take you on the campaign trail.

Often times photographers are tasked with photographing an entire campaign for an artist, including an album cover, promotional images, exclusive editorial images for various outlets, endorsement images magazine covers, vast, social media, content, and more. All in a single shoot! These are called record cycle or campaign shoots.

On day two, Anabel and Jeremy will be focusing on capturing the perfect editorial and endorsement photos, photographing for multiple magazine sets and a product ad campaign, making sure you capture the exclusives and variety you need for successful campaign shoot.

Oh My GOTH! Conceptual Gothic Photography

March 24

Join SIGMA ambassador Anabel DFlux and Jeremy Saffer as they take you through the world of conceptual gothic portraiture.

Come to the darker side of portraiture as Anabel and Jeremy show you how to bring a concept to life and get incredible, dark, surreal images in camera using various LED lighting, props, and practical effects SIGMA ambassador Anabel Dflux and Jeremy Saffer will emphasize Beauty and Darkness with a variety of goth musicians and models, showing different lighting and practical effect techniques as well as posing and directing to bring out the unique look of each artist while enhancing the overall concept.

Afterward, attendees take over and photograph the special guests using a variety of lighting and set ups, props fog, and everything they’ve learned from the day!

The event is finished.


Mar 21 - 24 2024


All Day


Hunt's Photo & Video (Melrose)
Melrose, MA
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