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To back button focus or not? This is an interesting debate among sport shooters and hobbyists alike. I can tell you from experience it is the most unnatural thing to start doing and takes a great deal of practice and patience before it suddenly becomes second nature.

Straight out of the box, virtually every interchangeable lens camera has Autofocus assigned to the shutter button.  So, when you pick up the camera and push the shutter button, first it searches for focus, and then, once focus is achieved, it opens the shutter and takes your photo.  On the surface, this seems the perfect way to get more shots in focus. But it makes the shutter do double or triple -duty, and can slow down the process when timing means everything. The Back-button focus technique can make the camera more responsive since the shutter button is now charged, first and foremost, with the task for which it is named: opening and closing the shutter.