At midday, in the visual spectrum, this scene of the Footbridge across the lake in Spring Lake had some issues. The water was a deep shade of algae slime green, and the clouds were a bit hazy. But I quickly popped out the IR filter on the SD1 and put a Cokin R72 Infrared filter in front of the 10-20mm and bracketed a couple of shots of this scene to ensure a good infrared exposure. The “monochrome” white balance setting was applied to the very red X3F file in Sigma Photo Pro, followed by a little contrast and exposure adjustments to really make the IR-reflecting elements pop in the frame and we’ve got a very cool Infrared vision of this oft-photographed lake. After a few shots, I simply popped the IR filter back into the SD1 to go back to visual spectrum photography. For fine art photographers, the ability to easily switch zones of the the spectrum, combined with the fineness of detail and large file size is a winning combination!