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Urban Landscape Class & Photo Walk with Glazer’s Camera

Join Sigma technical specialist Aaron Norberg for a visual course through the fundamentals of photographing the urban environment. We’ll start […]



Image One Travel Show

The Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show is THE place to get great travel story ideas, interview travel experts and […]



Some Photos Make Memories, Ours Make Families

Sigma is proud to support the work of photographers using their talent for the good of their communities. It began with a simple idea – create an extraordinary portrait of a child currently in foster care waiting for adoption. Since the Heart Gallery of Pinellas & Pasco was created in 2006, we have helped find over 300 adoptive families for our waiting children in foster care. With the goal of finding adoptive “forever” families, the Heart Gallery is a collaborative project using inspiring portraits of children taken by passionate volunteer photographers. These beautiful portraits are displayed in digital and print exhibits around the Tampa Bay region in addition to our online gallery and social media platforms.



The Holiday 2013 Sigma Lens Size Comparison Graphic

In case you were ever wondering how many of our smallest lens equal one of our biggest lenses, and how our lenses size up to a cardinal or a 16 oz cup of coffee, we present the Holiday Season 2013 Sigma Lens Comparison Chart! Here’s our entire lens lineup, to scale.



Getting Social with Sigma

Here at Sigma, we love social media. It is a great way to see amazing photos made with Sigma gear by photographers from all over, share our passion for creativity, and learn what matters to our fans and friends. We have a presence on several social channels, and each has its own personality and voice customized for that experience–our Instagram feed isn’t the same as our Facebook, or Twitter, or Google Plus. But on every channel, there’s dedicated Sigma team members with a similar passion for photography posting and responding to fans.



Sigma Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Our Pros Top Picks

For this year’s gift guide, we asked our Sigma Pros to recommend some of their favorite gear. This crew of amazingly talented and hard-working photographers each focuses on a different specialty and has their own individual style, and they’ve all got their favorite Sigma gear. Check out these great reasons why our pros choose to use Sigma lenses and cameras.