Interview with SIGMA Corporation CEO Kazuto Yamaki – July 2022

SIGMA CEO Kazuto Yamaki recently visited the NY office of SIGMA America, and took a few moments to discuss the company’s challenges and progress over the past few years, plus a bit about the man himself and how he grew with the company over the years.

Live From Studio A: How a College Music Program Upped Its Video Game with Sigma Art Lenses

Hocking College upped their video image quality by switching to the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM and 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM Art lenses for in-studio capture.

A Conversation with new Sigma Cine Pro: Graham Ehlers Sheldon

We sat down with Graham Ehlers Sheldon, Sigma Corporation of America’s newest Cine Pro, to learn more about his career, his style and how he came to be one of the earliest adopters of the Sigma cine line. Having been…

Indigo Valley: Interview with Jaclyn Bethany and Irene Gómez-Emilsson

Please join me in speaking with the Director, Writer, and lead Actress, Jaclyn Bethany as well as Director of Photography, Irene Gómez-Emilsson, of the independent feature Indigo Valley. The film follows the story of estranged sisters Louise and Isabella. When…

A Conversation with Timur Civan, the First Sigma Cine Pro

We sat down with Timur Civan, Sigma Corporation of America’s first Cine Pro, to learn more about his career, what inspires him and what things he’s looking forward to working with Sigma.

SOC Roundtable: Will Rexer and crew discuss work on the Sneaky Pete Set

Solving workflow issues on set can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right tools. The camera department from Amazon’s “Sneaky Pete” sat down with the S.O.C. to talk about some of the challenges the show faced and how they solved them by focusing on their gear.

Come take a deep dive with D.P. Will Rexer and team, and check out the role the Sigma Cine Primes played in their production process.