The Cinematography Challenge: Episodes 1-3

SIGMA has teamed up with Rosco to bring you the Cinematography Challenge! Check out all three episodes now and see how these talented artists were able to compose a surprise scene in just 30 minutes.

The SIGMA fp Evolves – Firmware 2.0 for the Cinema Crowd

Graham Sheldon takes us through the latest firmware updates for the Sigma fp.

Shooting a Shoe Commercial in Quarantine with the Sigma fp

SIGMA Cine Pro Graham Ehlers Sheldon talks about the process of shooting a shoe commercial within 20 feet of his door while under Stay at Home orders in California.

The SIGMA fp Camera as a Director’s Viewfinder

SIGMA Cine Pro, Graham Sheldon walks us through using the fp’s director viewfinder mode.

Quick Guide to Rigging the SIGMA fp Camera for Cinema Users

Sigma Cine Pro Graham Sheldon demonstrates several rigging set-ups for the Sigma fp camera for Cinematographers.

Documentary Shooting with Sigma Cine Primes

Producer and DP, Graham Sheldon, discusses his early resistance to shooting a doc series on prime lenses due to fear of a rough terrain and a tight schedule, but how inevitably the elevation in image quality from the SIGMA primes…

A Conversation with new Sigma Cine Pro: Graham Ehlers Sheldon

We sat down with Graham Ehlers Sheldon, Sigma Corporation of America’s newest Cine Pro, to learn more about his career, his style and how he came to be one of the earliest adopters of the Sigma cine line. Having been…