Water Drop Photography with Bedford Camera & Video

Join Sigma tech rep, Brian Linhoff as he walks you through the basics of water drop photography using some household items and a few common camera accessories.

Window Light Portraiture with Bedford Camera & Video

Learn a few tips to use what you have at home to create personal portraits you’ll love with Sigma’s senior tech rep Jared Ivy.

Adventure Sports Photography with B&H

Sigma Ambassador Liam Doran will discuss his strategies, techniques and experiences shooting adventure sports in this webinar.

Photographing Kids’ Sports with Cardinal Camera

Gain valuable tips and insight from photographer and Sigma tech rep, Marc Farb about photographing your kids’ sports.

Critique and Review with Cardinal Camera

Submit your best high res shots for a professional review given by Sigma rep and photographer, Marc Farb.

Optic Online Digital Edition with B&H

Join Sigma and technical specialist, Marc Farb, at B&H’s OPTIC online edition for a presentation of wildlife, landscape and travel photography.

Window Light Portraiture Webinar with Kenmore Camera

Sigma tech rep Jared Ivy will share a few tips to help you use what you have to create personal natural window light portraits you’ll love.

Adventure Elopements with McKenzie Deakins

Join this one hour virtual presentation given by McKenzie Deakins who will teach you the secrets to her wedding and portrait photography.

Aviation Photography in the Air and On the Ground

In this live stream, Jim Koepnick will share a few tips on how you can get better aviation photos.


Join Pictureline and Sigma for a special online session with Sigma tech rep, Marc Farb to learn which lens is right for you.