Water Droplet Photography Webinar with Kenmore Camera and SIGMA’s Brian Linhoff

Are you ready to test your macro photography against some water in this online course?!

Join photographer and SIGMA tech rep, Brian Linhoff, as he walks you through the basics of water drop photography using some common household items and camera accessories in this online webinar hosted by Kenmore Camera

Don’t forget your required equipment!

You will need: a camera, on-camera flash / speedlight, and a tripod.

About Brian

Brian picked up the photo bug about 15 years ago when his father-in-law introduced him to the world of DSLRs. From that time forward, he has always had a camera around him. Brian started working the photo industry at a local camera store as a store manager. Since then, he has worked for Sony and SIGMA as a Technical Representative, and more recently as the Senior Technical Representative for SIGMA’s Cine Lenses.


Jul 20 2021


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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