Unique Photo Camera Show – Philadelphia

From Beginners to Professionals…
Don’t miss PA’s largest photography event ever!

Learn from world-renowned photographers, interact with manufacturer reps, incredible sales, and much more!

The Classes

Disc Dogs in Action with Anabel DFlux

Saturday, Nov 18th 12:00 – 2:45PM

High-flying pups and colorful powder galore! Welcome to powder sessions with animals, a unique capture opportunity that showcases our four-legged best friends’ incredible athletic ability. Come join SIGMA Ambassador Anabel DFlux as she shares her secrets of capturing the perfect action powder sessions, from safely applying powder to the dog to the best camera settings to capture it all!

Bring your cameras!

Business Side of Music Photography

Sunday, Nov 19th 10:15 – 1:30PM

Join us for an exclusive photography class with Anabel DFlux, a SIGMA ambassador and a professional photographer of 14+ years. In “The Business of Music Photography,” you’ll gain expert insights into obtaining photo passes, getting published, the right gear investments, and building a sustainable career in music photography. The live shoot portion will be covering band promotional photography, crafting captivating social media content, and creating stunning images for magazine features. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enter the world of music photography or an experienced photographer seeking to take your skills to the next level, this class provides tips, tricks, insights, and practical know-how to for this dynamic industry.

About SIGMA Ambassador Anabel DFlux

Anabel DFlux is a published photographer living and working in Las Vegas. She is known for a vast array of photographic work. Art is her passion in life, and in 2009 she made her dream a reality by establishing Deliquesce-Flux Photography. Since then, Anabel has become renowned for her innovative work including exotic animal photography, live music shooting and dynamic, imaginative portraits. In 2019, she became a SIGMA Ambassador, and continues to work tirelessly throughout the country with the latest SIGMA lenses by her side.
@sigmaphoto | @anabeldflux

The event is finished.


Nov 18 - 19 2023


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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