Shooting Motorsports with Pro Photo Supply and SIGMA

Have you always wanted to capture the excitement of motorsports?

The smell of burning rubber, the sounds of roaring engines, the feeling of adrenaline. Think of the photos you can make of the exciting day at the races.

For this hands-on workshop, Tommy from Pro Photo Supply and Aaron from SIGMA will be hosting a small group of photographers at the Woodburn Dragstrip for 3 hours of action-packed shooting. They will walk you through camera settings, lens choices, and other elements needed to make awesome photos. SIGMA will be supplying loaner lenses to help you get those photos you’ve always wanted to make.

Recommended Gear to Bring:

  • Camera Charged battery (and possibly spares)
  • An empty memory card
  • Lens(es)
  • Speedlight Flashes (optional)

For a head start on how to shoot motorsports prior to this event, join Pro Photo Supply & SIGMA on Monday, August 1st, 2022 for a free webinar taught by Marc Farb.

You’ll leave this two-part workshop with knowledge and experience. Make the most of your next outing at the race track or auto show and join us!


Aug 05 2022


2:00 PM - 5:00 PM



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