PPA Webinar: SIGMA Announces 16mm / 30mm / 56mm F1.4 Lenses: Now for FUJIFILM X

Join SIGMA Ambassador Anabel DFlux and SIGMA Tech Rep Marc Farb to see the incredible trio of F1.4 prime lenses. Now including FUJIFILM X Mount! We will go over these three amazing little lenses – the 16mm F1.4, 30mm F1.4, and 56mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary –and show you how outstanding photo and video quality is more than possible with smaller sensors and these affordable, super-fast lenses.

Have your questions answered directly in a Q&A session.

Do you shoot with a crop-sensor camera? These three F1.4 primes are designed specifically for compact mirrorless cameras. Now available for FUJIFILM X Mount, Sony E-mount, Canon EF-M, Micro Four Thirds, and L-Mount.

Whatever you create –landscapes, portraits, YouTube videos, livestreams, or TikTok content –these lenses are excellent choices that fit any camera bag, and fit your budget.

About SIGMA Ambassador Anabel DFlux

Anabel DFlux is a published photographer living and working in Las Vegas. She is known for a vast array of photographic work. Art is her passion in life, and in 2009 she made her dream a reality by establishing Deliquesce-Flux Photography. Since then, Anabel has become renowned for her innovative work including exotic animal photography, live music shooting and dynamic, imaginative portraits. In 2019, she became a SIGMA Ambassador, and continues to work tirelessly throughout the country with the latest SIGMA lenses by her side.
@sigmaphoto | @anabeldflux


For Marc, photography is more than just a job, or a way to earn a steady income—it’s a way of life. A lifelong photographer, Marc has taught classes all over the United States and Canada on photographic topics ranging from pixel to print, and all points in between. Before his work at SIGMA, Marc also worked for Xrite, Ilford, Mamiya and Sekonic. He continues to work as a professional freelance photographer.


May 24 2022


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM



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