Pixel Photo Fest

Pixel Photo Fest is an immersive photographic experience offering informative workshops, award-winning speakers, hands-on activities, gear trials, and so much more. It’s a can’t miss event for creatives of all levels.

Pixel Connection welcomes you to join other photographers and videographers in Cleveland, Ohio on August 13th, 14th, and 15th.


Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center

2000 Prospect Ave E,

Cleveland, OH 44115

Presented by SIGMA Ambassador Heather Larkin

Macro Walk

Walk with Heather and learn about easy ways to get better photos with a macro lens. You’ll have an opportunity to test SIGMA loaner gear and watch Heather as she shares how to find critters or interesting flowers. This walk will cover beginner photography things like shutter speed and aperture for close-up photos plus macro photography composition, subject framing, and good focus. Heather will be teaching her methods on how to SLOW DOWN and see the world so many people miss.

Ballerina Walk

Walk with Heather and a ballerina through the area around the Wolstein Center as you learn about what lenses she uses when and how she poses dancers. Learn some dance terms so you can get good results on your own later! You’ll have an opportunity to test SIGMA loaner gear and watch Heather as she poses the dancer for the best portraits. Heather recommends that you request a SIGMA loaner portrait lens like the 85mm 1.4 or a wider lens like the 24-70mm

Family Masterclass

Watch as I shoot a session, cull a session, edit that session really quick in lightroom, then we will bring mom in and IPS that session. 

Interacting with kids is tough, especially as an adult. Learn how stupid games and a thigh workout will help get you the best kids pictures ever. I was a pre-k teacher before my 17 years in business as a children’s photographer and I can tell you all about the stupid games to play for real laughs and authentic expressions plus how reverse phycology will win you points too. We’ll edit that session together so you can see which ones I keep and why. THEN we sell. That’s right, you’ll sit in on an actual REAL sales appointment and listen to what I say and how I present images. Learn what to say to overcome their objections and your own fears, and best of all learn how to SHUT UP and why you should!

About SIGMA Ambassador Heather Larkin

HEATHER LARKIN is a SIGMA America Ambassador and portrait photographer located in Athens near Atlanta, Georgia. Heather has been shooting professionally since 2003, and is internationally known for creating colorful, authentic images for clients around the world. Her business, Fairyography, has been featured on The Today Show, Sigma USA, Professional Photographer Magazine, Canon Cameras, Clickin Moms, Scary Mommy, Online Athens, Southern Distinction Magazine, and more.

Heather’s Website: fairyography.com
Facebook: Fairyography
Instagram: @fairyography
Instagram (macro only): @heatherlarkinmacro

Presented by SIGMA Ambassador Meg Loeks

Understanding Light

Meg Loeks will discuss how she documents her family life utilizing both natural and created light in and around her home. From backlight to low light to off-camera flash, learn how to find and photograph your subject(s) in all different types of light including challenging forms like direct sunlight. Meg will also demonstrate how to capture a variety of images in a single location with just one light source.

The Wonder Years

Join Meg as she discusses ways to keep young children engaged in good light, both natural and created. Participants will learn several tips and tricks when working with little ones and short attention spans. A shot list will also be included for inspiration. Meg will also discuss ways to build a strong, unique composition and the importance of versatility in a single session. Discover ways to achieve several images within one location. Participants will also learn about color theory and why it’s such a powerful compositional tool as well.

The Art of Storytelling

Learn how to create a powerful narrative within your work with Meg Loeks. In this workshop Meg will cover everything from storytelling with light (both natural and artificial), color theory, creative composition, the importance of environment and more. Learn ways to draw inspiration through personal experiences and daily life, as well as art forms like illustrations, classic art, movies and music.

About SIGMA Ambassador Meg Loeks

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Meg lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband and five children. She is a children’s fine art and portrait photographer whose nostalgic work centers around the home. In-between photographing her family, she teaches several online and in-person domestic and international workshops. Meg is a mentor through Click Community, instructor through Click Photo School, a SIGMA Ambassador, Lightroom Ambassador and Profoto Legend of Light. She is also a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project, a nonprofit organization which gifts families battling pediatric cancer a free photo session.

Presented by SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris

Book Brides + Pose Under Pressure!

SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris will cover the three main reasons why wedding photographers get ghosted by ideal clients and give you the skills necessary to fix them on the spot. After this session, you will have revised or new pricing, a few adjustments to your website, and a word-for-word phone script to book weddings over the phone. As part of the hands-on portion of class, you will create 48 couple portraits in 8 minutes.

About SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris

SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris is a leader in the destination photography industry based out of the nation’s capital Washington, DC. Her expertise in posing has led to features in industry publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, People Magazine and Rangefinder to name a few. Her ability to inspire and empower others fuels her passion to help photographers around the globe reach their potential of a six-figure business through marketing and advanced photography techniques without the burnout of a continuous hustle.
@sigmaphoto | @mharris_studios


Aug 13 2022 - Aug 15 2022



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