Pet & People Portrait Critique with Focus Camera and Anabel DFlux

From gathering the right equipment to adjusting the correct settings, capturing photographs of pets and their people is no easy feat. Not only do you have to know the unique technical aspect to photography, but you also have to learn how to work with these incredible beings.  SIGMA Ambassador Anabel DFlux has dedicated her photographic career to capturing pets (and their humans) at their absolute best.

Orange County, California. Disc dog champion Kirby Mcnab and her Flying Canines.. Canon 1Dx Mark II + SIGMA 135mm F/1.8 DG HSM | A. Full color grading applied, distracting elements cloned out..

By switching the camera focus mode to Continuous shooting then activating Burst Mode (to take advantage of the frames-per-second) and waiting patiently for that perfect moment, Anabel spends her days capturing the bond between people and their beloved pets. From quirky moments that express personality to regal portraits showing off beauty, there are so many different ways to tackle photography. In home or outside, take advantage of the beautiful light to really set a mood in your photography, enticing the world to embrace your images.

Focus Camera, SIGMA Corporation of America, and Anabel DFlux are formally inviting you to submit your best photographs of humans and their beloved animals for a critiquing event in which Anabel will divulge all of her secrets to excelling in this unique niche. Look for shots in which a story of compassion, fun, and love really shines through- afterall, these are our furry best friends!


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About Anabel

Anabel DFlux is a published photographer in the sunny state of California, known for a vast array of photographic work. Art is her passion in life, and in 2009 she made her dream a reality by establishing Deliquesce-Flux Photography.

Since then, Anabel has become renowned for her innovative work including exotic animal photography, live music shooting and dynamic, imaginative portraits. In 2019, she became a SIGMA Ambassador, and continues to work tirelessly throughout the country with the latest SIGMA lenses by her side.


Jun 22 2021


6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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