Night Sky Photography & Time-Lapse Photography In- Person Lectures with SIGMA Ambassador Babak Tafreshi

Join SIGMA for Lakeshore FotoFest at The Camera Shop of Muskegon where you will have an opportunity to learn the art of night sky photography from the best of the best — National Geographic Photographer and SIGMA Ambassador, Babak Tafreshi!

Class Descriptions

11:00AM- 11:45AM EST
Night Sky Photography Class:

An overview to various aspects of nightscape photography, from capturing the Milky Way and constellations to meteor showers and auroras. From the basics of necessary equipment to tips for more advanced photographers. A world-leading expert in the field walks you from the definition of nightscape photography and camera settings to the best equipment and gadgets, and explains his personal techniques and behind the scene information on his prominent night sky photos. Starting nightscape imaging is easy, thanks to fast evolving digital cameras. Even at full moon or a mostly cloudy night when telescopic imaging is not doable, there are great chances for creative Earth and sky photos. But for a continuing success there are challenges such as planing, finding clear and dark skies, and using lowlight photography gears. The success key is to be “in the right place, at the right time” and this doesn’t usually happen by chance.

What you’ll learn:
* Best cameras, lenses, and accessories for low-light imaging
* Preparation, how to apply the latest tips and apps for planning your nightscape images
* Best celestial events and targets to photograph and when, where and how to shoot them
* From short exposure Milky Way and constellation images to long exposure star trails
* Using portable star trackers for deeper nightscape and astroimages
* How to use natural and artificial lights at night, from the moonlight to light-painting techniques

SIGMA and Focus Camera encourage all attendees to stick around in between sessions with Babak as he will be on premises for mini-breakout sessions and to answer questions!

2:45PM – 3:45PM EST
Timelapse Photography Class:

An overview to creating long exposure images at night, startrails, and videos of the sky in motion. When Babak started night sky photography almost 3 decades ago as a teenager, making videos of the night sky was a true challenge. A view of the moving Milky Way over the night landscape was an impossible dream for cinematographers back then, but now it’s an easy target for amateurs and timelapse imaging is one of the most popular activities for both hobbyists and pros, thanks to improving fast lenses and low-light performance of newer digital cameras. As easy as it sounds, there are still many challenges to deal with to achieve proper timelapse.

* Camera settings for still and time-lapse imaging
* The best cameras and lenses and other recommended accessories
* Still position time-lapse videos and star trails
* Moving position time-lapse videos
* Motion-control accessories
* Day-to-night transitions
* What flicker is and how to avoid it
* Ideas on imaging targets
* Essential editing software and brief tips on processing

About Babak Tafreshi

Babak Tafreshi is a SIGMA Ambassador and an award-winning photographer working with the National Geographic who spent the past two decades photographing surreal scenes of the night sky in all continents, an adventurous journey to the world at night. Babak is a master of night-time photography and nightscape videos. He uses the context of night sky to bridge Earth and sky, art and science, cultures and time. He is also a science journalist and the founder of The World at Night (TWAN) program; an elite group of photographers in 25 countries who present images to reconnect people with importance and beauties of the night sky and natural nights and the growing concern over light pollution. Babak has always been fascinated by the universality of the night sky; the same sky appearing above different landmarks of the world. Photography, science stories, and eclipse chasing has taken him to the 7 continents, and now, he explores the world with SIGMA gear in his bag.


Jul 31 2021


11:00 AM - 3:45 PM

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The Camera Shop-Muskegon
2634 Henry Street
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Comments (6)
  1. Hitesh sharma says:

    Can this class also be broadcasted online? I want to attend but I’m in California ????

  2. Mark says:

    Will this be available to attend virtually?

  3. Nick Vrona says:

    This one will be an in-person workshop only, but there will be an online event with Samy’s Camera on July 20:

  4. Nick Vrona says:

    This one will be an in-person workshop only, but there will be an online event with Samy’s Camera on July 20:

  5. Susan Dillard says:

    I live in NJ . I would love to attend as well but will not be in the area. I love my Sigma lenses ! I did sign up for the 1 hour class as suggested in the above comments. Any chance you might record the rest of the classes listed ?

  6. SIGMA Events says:

    Hi! Thanks for your interest in this event.

    Unfortunately, Babak’s lecture with The Camera Shop of Muskegon is in-person only and will not be recorded for later use.

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