Composition Rules in Macro Photography Critique with Heather Larkin and Focus Camera

The devil is in the details, and macro photography is all about the details.

The art of extreme close-up photography – macro photography – can be a difficult style to master. However, when done right, it can be extremely rewarding. Macro photography has the unique power to capture an otherwise plain or normal object in a uniquely compelling way.

SIGMA & Focus Camera are excited to invite you to a macro photography critique and workshop, led by Heather Larkin. During an online discussion, you’ll have the chance to receive feedback on your recent macro photos. In addition to providing feedback, Heather will divulge the tips and tricks she’s learned over her career that have helped her master macro photography.

Send Heather your macro nature photos and listen as she shares her experience with portrait photography and learn how to apply portrait composition rules to your macro photography.

Learn about framing, leading lines, focal points, patterns, and more! Heather will look at your images and talk about what you’re doing well and what might be improved and how to see those elements before you take the shot.

About Heather Larkin

HEATHER LARKIN is a portrait photographer located in Athens near Atlanta, Georgia.

Heather has been shooting professionally since 2003, and is internationally known for creating colorful, authentic images for clients around the world.

Her business, Fairyography, has been featured on The Today Show, Professional Photographer Magazine, Canon Cameras, Clickin Moms, Scary Mommy, Online Athens, Southern Distinction Magazine, Model Life Magazine, Atlanta Parent Magazine, The Westchester Wedding Planner, and more.


Jul 20 2021


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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  1. Jay A Clark says:

    I have enrolled. How do I submit my images for critique?

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