Capturing Dynamic Beauty in the Park

Join B&H and SIGMA for a day in Central Park, learning how your tools can help you enhance your subjects in a natural environment.

The Classes

Macro in the Park


Come out to NYC for a Macro Photo Walk with SIGMA Ambassador Heather Larkin through Central Park. Learn about easy ways to get better closeup photos with a macro lens. You will have an opportunity to test SIGMA loaner gear. Watch as Heather shares how to find critters or interesting flowers. This walk will cover things like shutter speed and aperture for close-up photos, plus macro photography composition, subject framing, and techniques for getting good focus. Heather will be teaching her methods on how to SLOW DOWN and see the world so many people miss.

Interested in learning how to capture the small details in the world around you? Sign up for Heather’s macro class here.

About SIGMA Ambassador Heather Larkin

Heather Larkin is a SIGMA America Ambassador and portrait photographer located in Athens near Atlanta, Georgia. Heather has been shooting professionally since 2003. She is internationally known for creating colorful, authentic images for clients around the world. Her business, Fairyography, has been featured on The Today Show, SIGMA America, Professional Photographer Magazine, Canon Cameras, Clickin Moms, Scary Mommy, Online Athens, Southern Distinction Magazine, and more.

Heather’s Website:
Facebook: Fairyography
Instagram: @fairyography
Instagram (macro only): @heatherlarkinmacro

Natural Light Cinematography

1:00-4:00PM – RUBIDIUM WU

Natural light is the great equalizer – no matter what your budget or crew size, we all have access to the same sun. With preparation and the right tools, we have the ability tocreate all powerful, cinematic images. In this lecture, we’ll look at the myriad ways cinematographers can shape, bounce, reflect, negate, and block the sun to better tell their story, and the role that sun tracking, location choice and time of shooting can affect the success of your next exterior film shoot. Afterward, we’ll look at how to apply these techniques to different subjects, different shot sizes and with different levels of crew. We’ll also look at how you can deal with ‘bad light’ and how to create ideal sun when conditions when there aren’t any available.

Get familiar with all tools at your disposal! Register for Rubidium’s class here.

About Rubidium Wu

Rubidium Wu is an Australian filmmaker currently living and working in Los Angeles. He has directed commercials for Sony Playstation and Nintendo, as well as numerous music videos. His Crowdfunded web series ‘The Silent City’ gained over a million views online. It was covered by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. His first feature film, “Brooklyn Tide” is available to Stream on Amazon Prime. He currently shares his filmmaking adventures on the youtube Channel, Crimson Engine.

48 Poses in 8 Minutes, How Posing Can Empower Your Clients


It is imperative for photographers to create a safe space for women on their wedding day. Creating this space is in the words you use and how you address their insecurities. This workshop will teach you how to navigate these crucial conversations and pose clients strategically, so you don’t have to retouch. My 48 couple poses in 8 minutes system teaches photographers tips and tricks to make women of all shapes and sizes look and feel their absolute best. Your clients will leave the day feeling empowered!

Learn precision in posing! Join Michelle’s class here.

About SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris

SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris is a leader in the destination photography industry. She is based out of the nation’s capital Washington, DC. Her expertise in posing has led to features in industry publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, People Magazine and Rangefinder to name a few. Her ability to inspire and empower others fuels her passion to help photographers around the globe reach their potential of a six-figure business through marketing and advanced photography techniques without the burnout of a continuous hustle.
@sigmaphoto | @mharris_studios


Sep 29 2022


10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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B&H Event Space
B&H Event Space
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