B&H Summer Webinar Series: Trends to Watch

Episode 6: Making the Switch to Mirrorless

Over the past few years, mirrorless cameras have gradually taken over as the best-selling platform for serious photographers and video creators. Cameras are now smaller, lighter, quieter, and packed with high-tech features. Mirrorless cameras have completely changed the photo equipment industry. So, is it time for you to upgrade?

In this webinar, join SIGMA Ambassador Martina Abreu, a working professional who recently made the switch from DSLR to mirrorless, and find out why mirrorless cameras – and lenses designed for them – are more than just a trend, but the gear of choice for a growing number of pros and enthusiasts alike. Plus, see how SIGMA is evolving to meet photographers’ needs, from its innovative fp and fp L cameras, to its expanding lineup of mirrorless-exclusive lenses.

About Martina Abreu

Martina started her journey in Professional Portrait and Nature Photography after graduating from NYIP in 2000. Over the years, she has been awarded numerous merits for her work. Martina was also one of the faces of the PPA. Her work has been regularly published and she successfully sells her portrait and nature photography. She has also been recognized as a Click Pro Master. Today, Martina lives in the beautiful Boston Hills of Western New York with her family, where she operates a photography studio and travels all over America for her nature work. In addition, she holds photography workshops. Check out her one-on-one mentoring if you want to further your knowledge in the photography field.

Martina’s Website: martina-abreu.pixels.com/


Aug 25 2022


5:00 PM



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