B&H Summer Webinar Series: Trends to Watch

Episode 4: Wedding Photography – A Laid-back & Photojournalistic Approach

Every couple has a unique story to tell, and the past several years have put more of an emphasis on that than ever before. More and more couples are looking for a laid-back photographer who can approach their wedding more like a documentary project than a portrait session. They’re looking for something different, something unique, and most importantly something other than “traditional”.

Jay Cassario has made a name for himself in the industry by doing just that and has built a very successful studio around that mindset. While he may not fit the mold of the “typical” wedding photographer, that’s a big reason many of his clients hire him. Join Jay as he talks about his approach to wedding photography and why this approach is the future of the industry.

About Jay Cassario

Jay Cassario is an award-winning wedding photographer based out of Southern New Jersey and owns/runs the successful multi-photographer studio, Twisted Oaks, along with his wife Sandi. He’s heavily involved with the educational side of the industry, is an SLR Lounge Ambassador and has been a Leica Pro Photographer for the past 5 years.


Jul 20 2022


5:00 PM



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