B&H Summer Webinar Series: Trends to Watch

Episode 3: Photograph Your Natural Environment

With the world becoming more and more technologically immersed, we often look to nature as an escape, and as a benefit for our mental and physical health. As photographers, the way we experience the natural world influences the stories we tell with our cameras.

In this webinar, Kristen Ryan will discuss her approach to connecting with nature and seeing beauty in any environment. From wide angle to telephoto, she will share how she uses her SIGMA lenses to photograph stories within these landscapes including the vast and the detailed, and how she incorporates people within the frame to create compelling lifestyle images. The session will wrap up with tips for planning and being prepared as you get out into the natural world.

About Kristen Ryan

Kristen Ryan is a professional landscape photographer & educator specializing in capturing the grand and intimate beauty of our natural world. She is passionate about encouraging women to find creativity and connection at her ladies’ landscape photography retreats in the US and Canada and in her online community, Women Capture Magic.

See more of her work at kristenryanphotography.com and @kristenryanphotography on Instagram. 


Jun 22 2022


3:00 PM



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