B&H Summer Webinar Series: Trends to Watch

Episode 2: What’s New with SIGMA

Photography in the 21st century is all about capturing unforgettable moments and learning about the latest photographic and equipment trends.

B&H hosts SIGMA senior technical representative Aaron Norberg, with SIGMA Ambassador and action sports photographer Liam Doran, to discuss SIGMA’s contribution to the modern photography landscape. Join them as they share images, gear, and insider knowledge about the latest in photography; you’ll very likely learn something new!

About Liam Doran

Liam Doran is an outdoor sports and adventure travel photographer based in Colorado. Liam’s work covers all aspects of outdoor mountain life including skiing, biking, as well as travel and lifestyle. His images appear regularly in commercial advertising and in today’s top outdoor magazines.

Liam’s Website: liamdoranphotography.com
Facebook: Liam Doran Photography
Instagram: @liam_doran_outdoors

About Aaron Norberg

Aaron Norberg is a landscape photographer based in Portland, Oregon. With an emphasis on exploring and documenting the urban and natural landscapes he has worked with the full breadth of imaging technologies from pinhole to large format cameras in both analog and digital formats. Aaron received his B.F.A in Photography with a minor in Historic Preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.


Jun 07 2022


3:00 PM


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