Beyond the “Kit Lens” by SIGMA

Take a deep dive into what is available after your so-called “kit lens” with Davren Montgomery from SIGMA America!

Ready to step up to something better for your camera but don’t know where to begin? With so many options and types of lenses out there it can be overwhelming to distill down the information yourself. This special event will help you understand:

  • Lens jargon & nomenclature
  • Focal lengths and their applications
  • Apertures and what they really offer you

Learn what it all means by attending this in-depth class to demystify the lens. Taught by SIGMA Tech Rep Davren Montgomery he’ll teach you everything you need to know to feel confident in finding the type of lens best suited your imaging!

After the presentation check out lens types you learned about with a hands-on demo.


Feb 18 2023


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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