75th Anniversary Unique Photo Camera Show

Don’t miss Unique Photo’s 75th Anniversary Camera Show this December! Check out both stores for the chance to see SIGMA’s latest lineup of lenses. SIGMA Tech Rep Marc Farb will be at the counter to answer questions. You’ll also have the chance to learn from SIGMA Ambassadors Michelle Harris and Jack Fusco. Be sure to ask about our Instant Savings!

The Classes

Saturday, December 10th – 48 Couples Portraits in 8 Minutes

Join SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris and watch live as she demonstrates how you can get 48 couple portraits in just 8 minutes! Once you know what to do, what to say, and how to use the 5 power poses, you’ll be able to utilize these lessons for your next wedding and portrait photography shoot.

Learn precision in posing! Join Michelle’s class here.

About SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris

SIGMA Ambassador Michelle Harris is a leader in the destination photography industry. She is based out of the nation’s capital Washington, DC. Her expertise in posing has led to features in industry publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, People Magazine and Rangefinder to name a few. Her ability to inspire and empower others fuels her passion to help photographers around the globe reach their potential of a six-figure business through marketing and advanced photography techniques without the burnout of a continuous hustle.
@sigmaphoto | @mharris_studios

Sunday, December 11th – Chasing Starlight

Join SIGMA Ambassador Jack Fusco for tips on shooting the night sky. This lecture has a mix of exciting and sometimes cautionary tales from his adventures in seeking out dark skies.

Whether planning to shoot the Milky Way from inside a huge sea cave months in advance, or shooting the Northern lights in frigid conditions, each new outing comes with a unique story. Hear stories from when things didn’t go quite as planned in remote and unforgiving locations, and the best ways to continue chasing after the shot while staying safe.

Capture unique images! Register for Jack’s class here.

About Jack Fusco

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Jack Fusco is a professional landscape astrophotographer / timelapser. What began as a way purely to document his travels as a touring musician, photography has become his main form of creative expression.

Whether chasing the Milky Way along coast lines or capturing the Northern lights in unforgiving remote locations you’re sure to find him coffee in hand, smiling up at the stars.

Many of Jack’s images are often planned days, weeks, or even months in advance while waiting for weather and celestial objects to align. The resulting work shows a true and complete dedication to his craft.

His work has been featured by National Geographic, TEDx, LA Times, NASA APOD, BBC, Forbes and many more.


Dec 09 2022 - Dec 11 2022


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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