Project showcases, interviews with filmmakers, and company news about the SIGMA CINE lens line.

Shooting Wide: The World in a Single Frame

Today we’ll look at how wide-angle lenses work, how they have evolved and how they can assist and enhance the craft of storytelling.

Rise of the Mini Cinema Camera

Mini Cameras have really become a new standard in the film industry, and it’s a trend that is only set to continue.

Sigma Cine Lenses on The Tick & Sneaky Pete with William Rexer

DP William Rexer’s experience using the Sigma Cine lenses on Amazon’s Sneaky Pete and The Tick.

Shooting Death Row by MXMS on the Sigma Cine Primes

Cinematographer, Jeff Berlin, talks about shooting a Goth Pop music video with the Cine primes.

Shooting a Film with One Lens

Rubidium Wu explains what you need to consider when shooting a film with just one lens.

Sigma Cine PL Primes with /i Technology

See how the Sigma Cine PL Primes with /i technology can help your workflow.

The SIGMA fp Evolves – Firmware 2.0 for the Cinema Crowd

Graham Sheldon takes us through the latest firmware updates for the Sigma fp.

Cine Dealer Takeover – Hot Rod

Cine Dealer Takeover – Hot Rod Cameras.

Cine Dealer Takeover – AbelCine

For this weeks Dealer Spotlight , we take a look at AbelCine.